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Mirror Swap Question: 06-10 Explorer Mirrors to 1st Gen Sport Trac/2nd Gen Explorer/Ranger??


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May 31, 2010
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Hey guys!

Any idea if 06+ Explorer/Mountaineer mirrors will swap to a 01-05 Sport Trac (or a 99-01 Explorer or 95-05 Ranger)? I know the 06+ Ranger mirrors should work, but I am wanting a puddle lamp and defrost built into the mirror and some of the 06+explorer mirrors have that.
I understand I'll have to shave off the nubs where the 3 screw-in bolts are on the mirror itself (See thread link below), but will everything else work? Contour? Mounting holes? (I know wiring I'll have to re-do, that's no big deal)

Ranger 06+ install thread: http://www.ranger-forums.com/interior-exterior-electrical-123/how-install-06-mirrors-107484/)

Thanks for any assistance!

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Well, I took the plunge and ordered just the drivers door mirror on ebay.
OEM Ford Explorer Limited mirror 06+ with heat, power, and puddle light.
Ill try it out and see how it goes.

Cool! Let us know how it turns out.

I think the part that goes up against the door might be slightly different, but I bet you could modify it like a lot of the Ranger guys do.

How did it turn out? Were you the guy asking on FB and I snapped pics of both for you?

Damarble, yes, that was me on facebook.
Thanks for sending those my way!!

Ok, so i haven't really messed with the new mirror yet.
My personal life has been crazy and home projects take precedence. (We are remodeling our lower level of our home and I am rushing to get things done so I can have the furnace installed ASAP! I live just south of Chicago and the cold weather is coming soon!!)

Maybe in a couple weeks I will... starting to get burnt out on home projects anyway. :)

I'll keep you guys posted!!

Ok, I had a chance the other week. They do not fit. :( They could probably be made to work with a bit of work, but not a bolt on swap.

The forward most bolt and the top bolt line up, but the bolt closest to the door glass is about 1/2"-3/4" closer to the door glass than the sport trac mirror and as such doesn't line up with the hole in the door.
The other issue is the curvature of the plastic towards the front of the vehicle. It doesn't fill the gap and is a bit short. I suppose you could graft on some plastic material and solve that pretty easy.
(I didn't take pictures as I was in a rush when I tried this.)

If you are wanting the square style mirror, I'm thinking that 08+ ranger mirrors will work. But you forgo the puddle light and the headed glass option you could otherwise get from a 99-01 explorer limited mirror swap onto a sport trac.