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misc. interior lights


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March 16, 2002
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1995 EB 4wd
I have a '95 EB 4wd, and recently I have noticed that random interior lights aren't working. For instance, the cruise control lights on the steering wheel only work on the left side of the wheel, and only about 3 lights on my climate control panel work. This isn't a huge problem for me, just really annoying!

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I have the same problem with my 99. I suspect it is burned out bulbs. You might have to take off the buttons to get to the bulbs, but there should be tiny ones in there to replace

The Explorer goes through interior lights quick. The lights for my message center and cruise control are out too. They're actually not that hard to replace, the climate control is just three lights across that light up all the buttons.

from what i have read on here though, there is no lightbulbs to replace the cruse control, you have to buy the whole button

Not actually, run a search on that ;)

I stand corrected:D

It appears as though the cruise control switchs are under 20 bucks at fordpartsonline (for a 98 ex.). Does this sound about right? If so, I may order them. I think all I have to do is remove the air bag, unplug the module, plug in the new one, and reinstall the air bag. From the documentation I have, removing the airbag isn't THAT difficult, just disconnect the ground, let the internal battery (capacitor?) discharge for a minute. Then its just a matter of removing a couple of screws and pulling it out.

Anyone have hints on removing and handling the airbag so that I don't screw it up and have to get a new one?

I suppose I could just get the bulb E5RY*13466*BA and try and replace it that way. Maybe that's the safer approach, and then if I screw it up, I could just order the switch module.

Instructions are just as you said. Just be sure and wait 5 minutes after disconnecting your battery. Why replace the whole switch for $20 though when the bulbs are less than $4.00? I got my bulbs through Fordpartsnetwork also. They do charge $7.00 shipping on them though so if you don't have anything else to order you can also get the bulbs directly from Ford for about $5.00 each.