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Misfire on #8 Cylinder...


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October 15, 2008
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2002 Explorer
Was noticing that my Explorer was riding really rough yesterday on my way to work - my guess was that one of the cylinders was having issues firing.

On my way home from work the check engine light came on. Took it to Checker Auto to have the codes traced and it was the #8 cylinder that was not firing.

I bought all new plugs, the boots for the coils, and just 1 new coil for the #8 cylinder. I only replaced the #8 plug and put in the new coil and it ran great last night - ran it like 3 or so miles...

On my way to work this morning it started acting the same way again...

Anyone know what this issue could be? The check engine light is still on - just probably neet to get it cleared though.



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OK - I went to Checker Auto and had the check engine light code cleared. It still ran pretty rough though...

I drove it around for a few minutes hoping that it would throw another code and it in fact did. This time it was not the #8 cylinder code though - it was an entirely new code.

The new code that came up was P0316 and it said "Misfire detected on startup (first 1000 revolutions)"

Coould this be due to a bad fuel injector by chance? - or does someone have any other ideas??

Any help would be much appreciated!



Perhaps, try putting some fuel injector cleaner in your gas tank. Or since this is a prominent misfire, you might want to have a mechanic clean your injectors for you. He can shut off your fuel pump and directly connect a secondary fuel supply to the fuel rail that would contain a lot more concentrated cleaner.

Your could check for compression as well, but I doubt that would cause a misfire.

You could check your coil pack to make sure it is firing properly as well.

Did you buy a new plug cable? Try wiggling it around while the engine is running and see if you see any blue sparks of electricity jump at all in the dark.

IDK, just thinking off the top of my head.

EDIT- oh, you said you replaced the coil for that cylinder. I forgot, the v8s dont have a central coil pack with normal plug wires. Be sure to check the connection to the coil pack as well, don't quite know how to do this though. Good luck.

No problem - it is a 2002 year and has about 124,000 miles on it.

Thanks! - I wil check out the thread as well.