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February 2, 2022
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Barrington NH
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2004 Explorer Eddie Baur
Have an 04 eddie baurer 4.0. 201k miles

having issues with cylinder 4 misfire. Has new coil and coil wires and spark plugs are fine and were replaced not even 20k miles ago. Everything seems fine but still has the misfire. i can notice the misfire when driving at higher rpm’s but fine at idle. checked injectors, those are fine. any suggestions on what to possibly do?

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Have the plug wires in the correct order on the coil pack??

What cylinder is the ODB scanner showing the misfire at? Probably an injector.

I'd say injector or valve float (replace valve springs). There is always the possibility of a defective spark plug.

I would never let it go higher than 4000 RPM if you've never changed the timing chains/guides.