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Misfires on cyl 1,2, and 3, and running lean on bank 1


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May 23, 2010
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06 XLT
Hello Everyone,

This is my first post in this forum and I seriously need help with this car of mine. (4.0 V6, 2006 Explorer) A few weeks ago, I noticed the car becoming a little sluggish, and that it could not maintain speed on a highway. Now, it cannot even accelerate up to 45mph, and up hills it slows to about 20mph. I checked the error codes and I got the codes for misfires in cyl1, cyl2, and cyl3, as well as an error code that 02 sensor 1 bank 1 was "stuck lean" (I apologize but I do not have the error codes with me so I cannot provide the exact ones).

Basically, I seem to running on half an engine, and the car acts like it is out of gas all the time. I assume it cannot be injectors, wires or plugs since it would be highly unlikely for all of those to fail on just one bank and be fine on the other.

What can cause this problem on just bank 1?

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I have had a coil pack recently fail (V8) and the extra load will domino thru if that is the case. The coil packs are NOT cheap luckily i have the ESP to 100k miles and covered the work - $ the deductible.

I think I am going to get a coil pack and see. I found a new one for $72 which isn't bad. Thanks for the idea :)

I never got around to changing the coil pack. I did change out the fuel filter and plugs, and it was exactly the same. The car cant accelerate. Like she is out of gas. Is there an easy way to test the coil pack before I change it?

Basically you need to have a diagnostic run on the engine and the firing (or lack there of) for each cyl.

I had the coil pack replaced today, and the engine is the same...random losses of power, same misfires...everything.

Please, does anyone have any other ideas? I really need to get this resolved.