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Miss and back fire.


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August 11, 2009
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97 XLT 4x4
hello i have a 1997 4x4 4.0 SOHC, cylinder number six went dead on sunday causing it to run of course really bad so i ran the light and its exactly what it said, the truck has 115000 mile and i just performed its first tune up and im not the first owner, i replaced the coil pack, wires, plugs and no change. it continues to have loss of power, miss, and noww intermittent back fires. ive been told poss EGR problems. ive rechecked compression of the cyl, the new plug wich is now firing and no change, compression ran ar 117 psi, can any sugg come about cause i need help lol

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Reply to my explorer problem

Welcome to this forum! I've moved your thread to the stock 95-01 section. Did you scan it for codes?

Yeah i scaned it and the only thing it gave me was Cylinder 6 was not firing. Ive been researching and have been asking around and most people ive talked have suggested possibly 02 sensor, fuel injectors, EGR. I pulled cylinder 6-4's new plugs back out after each time ive started it and 6 is now firing. The fumes are very raw and the truck is now running very lean, back firing from exhaust, and has half the power than previously before the plugs were changed. Ive even double checked the gap on each spark plug. Thank you for looking at my forum, its putting a huge damper on work, i travel between 3 hospitals for my job and its my only mode of trans. Thanks again!

O2 sensor would not affect only 1 cylinder. Since you have replaced the plug, verified spark and compression the next thing is the injector. I would recomend listening to the injector. If you have a mechanics stethoscope listen to the injector and compare it to others, (you could also use a screwdriver). You might also swap injectors with another cylinder.

For the lean firing, the O2 sensors can cause this, with over 100k miles, it is a good suspect.