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Miss in my explorer


December 24, 2011
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yankton, sd
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2003 Explorer
I have a 2003 with the 4.0 sohc motor. I have about 113,000 miles on it. The coil pack and plugs are new. The wires and fuel filter have like 25-30k on them. When I get on it hard it seems to stumble but only under heavy throttle. Gas mileage is the same as before, and I have done oil changes about every 3k miles. I've also had this since 05 when it had 18k miles so I know everything thats been done to this. Motor still pulls good when it does stumble. I just cleaned the maf, iac, and throttle body. Air filter was not very dirty but I blew it out. The new coil and cleaning everything helped but it still did it to me yesterday one time when I took it out on the highway to check it. What other suggestions could everybody here give to me?