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Miss under load

is there a trick to drilling thru the porcelain, or do i bust it out?

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Honestly, I'd just take it to a mechanic and have him do it along with the other 7 an bend over for the bill. There are too many things that can go wrong here (x8). If the plug threads get chewed up or stripped, you'll find yourself in a whole other world of hurt.

BTW, that engine looks like it has a lot more than 75,000 miles on it. Did you happen to verify with a carfax? If you bought it from a dealer and they advertised it at that mileage and find out otherwise, I'd tell them to give you your money back or they'll get sued after you call all the news stations to do an investigative report on them and a police report for fraud. It is too easy to swap out the speedo clusters on these rigs.

Man! The last time I saw rust like that I was watching a documentary on the remains of the Titanic. Probably easier and less expensive to just replace the heads, but with rust like that the rest if the vehicle might not be worth saving. JMO.


Not only the rust, I've yet to see any explorer with that much oil on the block. Looks like someone stuck a plug into a fudge cake.

Maybe it was 275,000 miles and the 2 fell off the windshield and paperwork?

hold on hold on lol

remember this is the side that didnt have the splash guard on it, the other side did and it looks fine.

and all that oil is probably me spraying the crap out of it for a while now

this body and undercarriage are solid. and that just doesnt happen much here in the rust belt unless its been not driven much for 20 yrs

Has anyone heard from Zekester? Might have to check the local emergency rooms for a heart attack patient?!

If your about to sell your Explorer just because of that plug, be aware that all vehicles have issues, and the more you fix on your current vehicle, the less you will have to repair later..

p.s. if your selling it really cheap, and won't take the advice to keep it, let me know ;)

((Sorry, page just refreshed and I got your recent posts..))

Can you get a picture of what is left of the spark plug and the surrounding head? I have a few ideas to get the rest out, but I don't want to send you in the wrong direction too soon..

There are multiple tools to remove such a problem bolt, I highly suggest a penetrating lubricant being applied as early as possible to what is left of the plug.. Be careful not to impact on it, the ceramic can break apart inside the cylinder..

do you mean a different picture than the one i put up an hour or so ago? I got the porcelain out and have been trying to get it to budge.

Im alternating between a spiral and straight style extractor, but im not putting a whole lot of pressure on it. afraid its gonna bust off in there.

Ive been vacuuming it and spraying it. right now im waiting a half hour before trying again after spraying it.

I only have propane to work with, so im going to heat it as much as i can and then quickly try to cool it with an upside down can of refrigerant.

If that doesnt work then il probably give up until it goes in he shop Monday.

thanks for the help everyone :chug:

Excellent, whew, take a long breath and thank God for allowing it to come out safely.

Now spray the other plugs with a penetrant before trying those. Give it some time to soak into the threads a bit, and go slow with them.

and...........after clearing any codes and driving it for a half hour, the engine light came on again wtf

its the same coil code as before.

ive replaced the coils and fixed the miss, and the truck is running good again.....so why is the code popping up again????

Did you replace the spark plugs wires? Inspect the wiring that goes to the coils for exposure. Sometimes rodents will chew on wiring creating all kinds of havoc. Make sure the new plug you just installed didn't get damaged by pieces of the old plug that fell into the cylinder.

Ditto, if the code is one of those giving you the cylinder, pull that plug again for sure. That's great you got the plugs done and it runs well again. Keep at it and check out everything else related, or if you spot something else, hit that.

wires were replaced

il pull that plug again, and il have a look in the shop vac. i was pretty sure i got everything but il check it. I also used a magnet in the cylinder but of course that wouldnt grab the porcelain.

thanks again

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If it's running smoothly, then most likely nothing too big fell down into the chamber. Tiny debris may get down in there but do little harm and go out the exhaust valve. Bigger things will remain a lot longer and bounce around, causing random damage and often creating noises or vibrations etc. So presumably the cylinder and piston, plus the valve/seat, should be okay.