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Missfire? or Backfire?


August 13, 2009
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1997 XL Explorer
Ok so as usual need some help here...

I have a stock 97 XL 4.0 OHV engine 166 000 KM no CEL or any codes in the computer i have had it scanned. Has brand new wires and is on its second set of plugs in 6 months.

It would seem that about a month ago i noticed a srtange noise under load up hills i thought it was a drivetrain issue but i have since ruled that out by process of elimination. Now the noise has become slightly more frequent. So the other day i was driving with the windows down and i heard the noise and felt the truck shudder and there was a muffled pop that seemed to come from the tail pipe. It seems like a backfire but i am not sure and still no codes?

I am going to change the fuel filter this week and see if that helps