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Missing front end parts

Thanks, I'd like to find another one and rebuild that first. Maybe if I still haven't installed this one I have, I'd open that up and see what shape it really is in. I got if from eBay and it's supposed to be a 59k mile Navigator unit(the TOD version).

I have a 98 ranger in my back yard everything works but the frame is broken in half wonder if that tc would fit I've already robbed a few small parts that changed out fine doubt it would work for the tc swap life is never perfect and smooth

Never mind won't work just checked trying to get these hubs on before it starts raining on me

OK so this is my update and I apologize for taking so long I have limited time and funds for the repairs I need so I've been going step by step as I can I now have 4 new rotors new pads installed new hubs on both front sides and also new tires but my rhythmic grind continues also installed remanned calipers on the rear because pad wear was horribly lopsided its this grind tho its most noticeable when I'm coasting it increased with speed I look for complete failure of whatever it is as its now gotten louder I could swear it is in the front right tire area but I'm second guessing myself my brother drove it and says front right as well but maybe its a rear bearing going bad but on a stand it doesn't give me the impression that any bearing is bad the fronts are new and the old hubs weren't pretty but seem fine I am stumped the noise is not any louder when I turn left or right no play in the tires and no noise when I spin them manually by hand its now totalled up more in parts than I paid for the truck and haven't solved the issue I'm open to any new ideas I removed the dust guards also to see didn't help other than waiting for complete failure and having it towed to a shop I'm out of ideas looks like I'm gonna change parts till its a brand new truck or it feels that way