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Missing Night Illumination and Radio Delayed Off


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October 13, 2010
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2006 Limited AWD V8
Help: 2006 Explorer Limited with Factory Subwoofer Audio System
My 06 was in for dealer service and when it came back, the radio night illumination (for buttons, not the LED display) had stopped working. Also, the radio no longer stays on like it used to after shutting off the car but before opening the door. Everything else seems to work fine including the LED display for stations.

One thought is that it could be the delayed accessory relay -- but I can't find that. Can someone tell me where to look and what it looks like? However, that would not seem to explain why the night illumination doesn't work, which I assume is tied to the headlights and other dash illumination, not the delayed accessory relay.

Any clue as to why these two functions would go out at the same time? Thanks...