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Mistake while removing emblem...clear coat damaged?

Well I was removing the "E" on the [Explorer] emblem, and I used a razor blade to do so. I was able to pull the letter right off, and it left a black tar/glue like substance, so I scraped that off with the razor as well. I then used a little nail polish remover to clean the rest off, and now that im finished, the small area I was scraping seems like a dull color. You can see that something was scraped or done at that certain area...does this mean I damaged the clear coat? Is there anything I can do about this? Will it be really noticeable?

thanks guys....I would have done the fishing line and hair dryer trick but didn't check the forums first :(

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any special wax you use?

naw..whatever you use on the rest of the truck..but get a good rubbing compound to get the scraches out best you can.

As long as you can't feel the scratches with your fingernail, I would do what 96ltdx said and use rubbing compound. It is a good idea to wax all the areas that you used the rubbing alcohol on, because the alcohol removes the wax. You should be all set after that.

aright thanks...if anything comes up ill let u know tommorow :)

I would wax first and see what that does. If it doesnt clear it up then use something stronger. But dont rub the rubbing compound real hard or you could further damage the clear coat. Just be carefull & take your time.

hmm...well its pretty cleared up but i can see the "SPORT" where the letters were when i look at it...anyway to fix this?

using a razor on paint isn't the best idea in the world. there are other ways to do it.

used it for one letter..the rest i use a hairdryer/fishing line and just rubbed the rest off...but now you can see where the old letters were....like a different shade...anyway to fix?

again..alittle rubbing compound and wax. thats what matched my paint when i removed my side moldings.

maybe he does not understand that the intention here is, to do what you don't do with stains on your clothes, your blending the "good" paint with the "bad spot", the rubbing compound smears the paint for lack of a better term, making the colors blend. thus making the "good paint" diffuse/blend over the "bad spot". usually areas that have been uncovered merely lack oxidation caused by exposure, and lack of wax, and grit and grime that get caught in corners. (think about the way it looks after you remove a car bra after a few years) thank god those went out with the 80's!!!

my point here is, if your only using rubbing compound on the area you took off the emblems, it will not work. I would blend over at least 5 or 6 inches each way to make the color spread look good and make sure you don't wear a hole in the paintby rubbing it out trying to cover it, this is what I find works best. hope this helps.

if you take it to a professional detailing shop, they can rub/buff it out for you if its possible. thats what they do for a living, so if you can't figure it out, pay the man, git 'er done, and quit worrying about it. PS, detailing shops charge extra for rubbing out spots, so ask first, it might not be cheap, this isn't my first choice for you.

In the future if you want to remove emblems, pinstripes, dealership logos, etc. you might want to use something a little gentler like Goo-Gone. I use it to remove faded badges (just did it this weekend to replace the XLS badge with a new one). It can be found at any Paint and Hardware store (Lowes, HD - in the paint department). It's a citrus based product and dissolves the adheasive backing. Use a soft plastic tool like a spatula to gently pry the emblem off. Won't scratch or dig into the paint. Make sure you work around the entire emblem, not just one corner. I have done this many, many times and never once damaged the paint, finish, clearcoat, metal.

Good luck!

rubbing compound and my buffer have neve done me wrong..the paint has new car shine..and it matches perfect.

so i geuss whatever works for you.