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Mjööllnir The evolution


March 8, 2009
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Cloverdale British Columbia
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This build started out as a 1989 F250 regular cab long box with a 7.3L diesel
Then it went to 91 extra cab tube bed 6.9L diesel (all on the same frame)

then we sold the wifes car and went shoppin for a suv
we found what was told to be a good running 94 explorer with a minor water pump leak
so I buy ($1200)it get it to my shop look it over and the intake was leaking not the water pump. no prob through some intake gaskets on it fill it with coolant fire it up and she smokes like chimmey pull the plugs and the left front cylinder is full of coolant ok get some headgaskets pull the heads left head has a 2mm crack in it alrighty get a head for it put it on engine runs great except for that loud clacking noise from the bottom end about then I am done with it. so I decide to bring home and park it well thats when we see it wont shift outa 1st.

so I love the interior and the look (nice rust free body) parked it beside my truck and started thinking

started doing some research and net searching (thats how I found this place)

I am now pretty much decided that I am gonna make this work

Mjööllnir is the name of the truck and evolution is the build

1994 ford explorer One ton turbo diesel

Here is the donor truck

specs: 87 rebuilt 6.9L diesel CTS turbo
ZF5 manual trans
corprate14bolt ff rear diff
dana 60 king pin high pinion front
cross over steering set up (soon to be full high steer)
custom front and rear bumbers
warn m8274 winch

and the intended patient

Any thought or opions?

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There have been a few threads before talking about putting a diesel into a first generation explorer, so you might want to search around in the modified areas and see if you can find them.

The only thing i'd be majorly worried about is the size of the engine being able to fit into the Explorer. a 6.9l engine sounds huge to me, almost double the size of the 4.0l all ready in there..

ya I have searched around
and was doing some measuring it will be tight but I have to lose the ac
and the body will be sitting up a bit and the rad support will be modified for the length as well as some inner fender trimming

it aint gonna be easy but I will make it work

Most of the threads here talk about a MUCH smaller diesel engine. I'll keep an eye on this thread.. should be interesting.

I'd rater have the truck. I think it looks awesome.

I wanna see this beast.. bad!
Good luck man!

went and got the measurements for the size of my 6.9 an dthen measured up the engine bay of the explorer it will fit I am gonna have to mod the heater box and the inner fenders will need to be chopped back a bit length is fine but I will have to put the rad into the rad support and run elec fans

I am gonna start tearing down the truck next weekend

putting the whole body on the F250 frame shortend
but instead of cutting it in the middle I am gonna move the rear axle forward and just chop off the back

Thats what I figured you were going to do. I didn't think the explorers frame and suspension would hold up to that 6.9 for very long.

good luck with the modifications. im definately subscribing.

how are you going to get past aircare? can you licence it outside of the lower mainland where there isn't any aircare?

I was just gonna let them hook there hose for gas cars up to my diesel and watch them panic as there machine gets all buggerd up lol

I am changing it (on paper)to a comercial crewcab truck and keeping the gvw at 5001 no more air care
thats what the truck is rated for

i changed my '78 crewcab to 5100 kg gvw years ago to avoid aircare.
i also have it as "pleasure use" for RV use so i don't need commercial vehicle inspections. it only has 116,000 original km on it.

I couldnt wait till the weekend
I got today off cuse the shop had nothing booked in

so I got the box pulled off the frame and some of the interior stuff removed
oh and I picked up this little 1500lb winch from canadain tire for like 39 bucks to help wuth all the heavie lifting worked great for the box

I think I am gonna have to lower my gas tank a bit too



:thumbsup: rollin right along, love it!
Man, I sure don't miss aircare, what a drag that was when I lived in the city.

well I am booked off of work all week so I can get this done
been going strong all day lol I should have the cab off by noon tommorow and then I can start on th frame mods and I went and picked up the auto tranny toaday to e40od rebuilt with strenth mods and billet torque converter

some progress pics




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Looks like that F250 has some lean to it, weak springs maybe? Other than that, looking good :D