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I Made my account here on EF For a few years now, I've responded to a few threads here and there, but I finally did the Elite Explorer deal (2 for 1) this last November, and I'm Glad I did! (Especially Now!)

Ever since I was little, I loved our families 97 2 door Explorer we bought in 2002 with about 10k miles on it. (It's a Sport, 4x4, 3.73 w/LSD, 4.0 OHV, 5 Speed Auto). My siblings and I grew up in it and I always said I wanted to drive it, but my parents daily drove it and I never really thought about how realistic that would be that I could drive it one day. Well, fast forward to when I was about to get my permit, the lower intake manifold gasket broke. My family and I didn't know that much about engines, and the Explorer sat outside for about 6 months. My dad was going to send it to a junkyard. A few weeks before I got my permit, (I was about 15), A friend of mine came over and we took the engine apart and put it back together with new gaskets. (a Full day plus a few hours the next day) and it was Fixed! We kept the (Now running) Explorer. I put every penny I made mowing grass into it either upgrading little things, or fixing things. My senior year of HS I replaced the Heads (one was cracked) myself (That was big for me!). When I turned 18 my parents gave me the keys for it as my birthday present because they know how many hours and how much money I've put into the thing.

My goal is to keep this Explorer running until I die!
Everything I've learned has been on this Explorer (From rebuilding the top end of the engine (and painting the valve covers, lower intake, etc. Ford Blue!), to repainting the roof, replacing the heater core, etc.).

Fast forward a few years now to today (1/9/2021) and I Just Traded my old f150 I bought two years ago (Not going to get into that story) for a 1993 Ford Explorer XLT (4 Door, 4x4, 4.0 OHV (Same as the 97), 5 Speed Manual, 3.73 W/LSD, RED Interior). It isn't perfect on the inside (or outside), but I think it was a fair trade (and worth it!). (I made this trade (Title for Title) Yesterday, 1/8/2021

Since the 97 has so much sentimental value to me, and I don't want to damage it, I will feel 100X better off roading a rig I got / built specifically to off road. I went up to the mountains (In Colorado) This summer several times with the group of Explorers / Rangers and just other awesome people (Shoutout to all of you!) in my 97, and it did good (for what it is) but I just don't want to tear it up.

Stay tuned because this 1993 XLT is going to be (I think) an Awesome (Nothing crazy, but pretty cool) build!

- Matthew
(Not Matt.... )

Ok, Enough Talk and Here we go! Follow me on Instagram @4x4.Explorer

1/8/2021 (First picture of the 93 and the 97 Together). Also the day I got the 93...

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1/8/2021 - First "Mod" Completed already: (I took off the bumper valance (I think that's what it's called)), and it already looks better!

1/8/2021 - First "Big Step" into the build: Yesterday evening (1/8) The night I got it, I ordered a lift kit for it! Today (1/9) I got an email saying it's estimated delivery is Thursday! (I'm going to start installing it Thursday evening or Friday morning!)

If you can't tell, I'm excited to build this thing and off road it!


Figured I'd do an update on the Explorer(s) since it's been a while since I made this page.

I have been working on the 93 Explorer on and off over the past two months, (Between work and the weather, since It's parked outside). I still have some more to do to it before It will be "drivable." (After I get it Drivable / Where I'm happy with it for a while, I have a list of things I'll be doing to the 97 Explorer).

So far (for the 93 Explorer) I've done:
- 4in lift
- 33s
- Pro Comp Rims (Cheap 15x8 Black rims)
- Radius arm bushings

(That doesn't sound like a lot, but again, between doing everything else, The lift and replacing the pitman arm are what took the longest to do. Especially removing those frame rivits.. (I don't like those...)

This is (Roughly) what I have left on the list before I'll consider it "good enough" to drive it / off road
- Extend E-Brake Cable (Rear Driver side)
- Move (and maybe extend) Brake lines
- Coolant Flush
- Driver side valve cover
- New Battery
- Alignment

I'll keep posing on here (Either As or After I do more to it)

Enough talk, here are some pictures:







I haven't really been on the forum much recently (Posting at least, I'm on it multiple time a day! Lol), I want to be on here more this year than I have been before...

Anyway, just a brief update, I wheeled the 93 Explorer a few times last summer (I'm happy with how it does), the only thing is it leaks oil... a lot of it.. I'm hoping its just the lower intake manifold gasket / top end stuff. My plan is to replace all the gaskets from the block up (Maybe the heads since it'll be torn apart). I've torn apart the 4.0 in the 97 (both Explorers are the 4.0 OHV) so many times, so I know what to do, I just need to do it...

Here are some pictures from 2021 (Hoping to get out more with the Colorado Explorers More this summer! I didn't go with you guys last year as much as I did in 2020..)

20210703_102600.jpg 20210703_103233.jpg 20210703_111213.jpg 20210703_134932.jpg Screenshot_20210612-104615_Gallery.jpg 20210612_102304.jpg

Let’s get some wheeling in this year!! Think I only went twice last year
For Sure!!

I only went twice last year also, Just when we went , then once with my friend with the Jeep.... that was it.