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Mo blend doors Mo problems


November 13, 2014
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2011 mustang
I have posted before about my problems with my 1997 Eddie Bauer Explorer. So the blend door actuator broke off and I got a new one and installed it., eazy pezy.....not. It still only blows hot air. Since I have done the heater treater repair to the blend door previously I can take the bottom of the air box and watch what the door is doing.

When i turn the car on it goes back in forth in its initialization cycle and stops in the hot air position and stays there. The automatic climate control gives the blend door error when you run the self test . Is the new acuator bad? Any other ideas.

For now Ive taken the actuator off and taped the blend door in the summer position

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May be a vac leak or
heater control valve

You might have accidentally ordered and installed the blend door actuator for the manual climate controls, that would throw an error on the self test.

Do not use the DORMAN bled door actuator, they sell you the wrong one for the Electronic group...been there done that!
I actually will use the parts from the dorman to rebuild the factory unit. If you open it you will find one nylon gear stripped out......easy to replace

The factory unit is long gone . Is there another manufacturer that makes one ? I looked back ad I am pretty sure I ordered the one for the automatic unit

I bit the bullet and bought the Motocraft version tired of messing with it.

The motorcraft version fixed it. Blissful cool air!