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Moab 2001... take 2


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November 23, 1999
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I've been talking about returning to Moab this year ever since we got back from the last trip. I've been thinking about a few ideas, and I kinda like this one. I'm putting it out here to see what people think. I've been talking to Clint, Studdedx, and Peter(a little bit) about these ideas, so lets see.

We're looking to head to Moab October 29,30,31. This is during the week, however if a few people are interested on weekend runs, we could do that too. These dates are right before SEMA, which I know a few are looking to head to this year. With a few of the members so far that are going this time never been to Moab, I think that Top of the World would be a great run to do. Plus, I've got to finish this darn trail. From what I rember it took about an hour to get from there to the start of the trail, then about another hour or two to get to the top. Please correct me if I'm wrong. I'm thinking we leave Moab early morning and finish the trail early. Then head back to Moab for some lunch and start packing our trucks up with the gear. We'll then head towards the White Rim that afternoon. We should be able to run it in reverse and maybe run some of the trail at night. From what me and Peter Weber have heard the best part is the first 1\3 of the trail(if you'd run it normal). We will go ahead and camp out on the trail Monday night and then finish the run Tuesday morning. This trail is about 100 miles long, but provides some of the best views Moab has to offer. This trail could be ran in one day, however it's best to take our time and get the good photos. :) We will then return to Moab Tuesday afternoon for some rest. If anybody's still up for it, this time will be open for another run. I'll leave that up to you. We will then go ahead and return home, or to Sema on the 31st. What do you think??

Here's a few pics of the two trails we'd be running.

Dead Link Removed
Dead Link Removed
Dead Link Removed
Dead Link Removed

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I've been thinking along the same lines. You beat me to it with your post.

Have you seen Clints post about not being able to take in SEMA but wanting to go to Moab at the beginning of Nov.

I'm still thinking of going to SEMA. How about the show first (Tues and Wed) and then head for Moab on Thurs. Nov. 1.

I would like to do White Rim first. You say you want to finish the Top of the World trail. I've tried to do White Rim twice and both times somebodies truck broke (not mine) before we even got started. Call it paranoia or whatever, but I really want to take every precaution in order to make it this time.

Get there late Thursday. At that time of the year it'll be dark before six. Camp out in Canyonlands NP as close to the beginning of the trail as possible and head out early Friday. Take our time and plan on doing Top of the World Saturday afternoon. If we get back from White Rim too late on Saturday, do ToW Sunday morning and you still can back to Vegas by late Sunday.

How does that sound?

Peter.... I agree... White Rim FIRST. I would nock on wood though if I were you . :)

I'm not sure if I'll be able to get those days off work. :( I normaly have Monday and Tuesday off, but I maybe able to switch to Saturday and Sunday. Would you be able to leave Vegas on Friday and get there Friday night. Sleep at the beging of the trail and run White Rim on Saturday and Sunday. Then either return home on Sunday, or stay and play some Monday. Would this work for you??

ps... I must warn you though, there is the chance that I may live elsewhere in Nov making this impossible for me to make this at all. I'll know more when the time comes. Just a warning.


I'm aware of your potential move back east. If it happens before Nov., it's just try #3 for White Rim down the tube. Or maybe it could be looked at that I'm not supposed to do it.

Anyway, Saturday and Sunday instead of Friday and Saturday presents no problem for me. But I remember that in May you arrived in Moab about 4 in the morning after driving most of the night. I too did that kind of thing when I was your age, but no more. If you want to do that again, I would leave earlier on Friday and hook up with you at the start of the trail or at a campsite.

Hopefully we can get one or two more people interested.

You guys decide the date and I'm there!!!!!:D

I just wanna go no matter what!!! I want body damage though and a possible roll to test the roll cage.:cool:


I'll know more as the time comes. If I can work it out like I want I'll leave Vegas early afternoon and get there around 9pm or so that night. We'll see as time comes.

Studdedx.... we'll work on that :)

im in but it's going to suck with u LOWRIDERS:D

Derrick, lets see some photos of the roll cage.

Sorry rick!!!!:D

Clint already asked me that tonight. No photos tell I get it painted. Its all rusty lookin!:eek: It might be sold actually. Some guy with a big 4runner wants it bad. He offered me $800 for it. It only cost me $200 to make.hehehehe

I'll see if I can get some pics for ya though!!!!

So am I taking it the dates have been set Lee?:p

I will be there as long as someone is willing to stay and wheel even if we just take mine out for the day. I don't care!! This is going to be my first time there so I want to do every trail I can. Even if it means breakin a few egos or dumping it on its side. I want some tough stuff.:cool:

what is the set date

As of right now we're looking at November 2nd as the date we get there(friday night), but not running any trails till Saturday morning sometime. Running White Rim Saturday, camping on the trails Saturday night, then finishing the trail Sunday. We'll then head back to Moab and mess around for a few hours, then head out again and do Top of the World. Peter said something about a different trail that is alittle more hardcore than TOW, but still should be easy enough that I'm going to look into. We will then either leave Sunday night. If I get the time off work I'm hoping for though, I'm going to stay Monday and leave either Monday night or Tuesday Morning.

Lee (and everybody else planning on going)

Check out Dead Link Removed

especially the Permit clause. When there go to White Rim Road. If we're going in there with five vehicles (that seems to be the latest count) it'll be hard to be inconspicuous. Might be a good idea to try to get a reservation. There's going to be a lot less daylight hours then in May when we first planned.

You mean all of us didn't just "Happen" to break down and be forced to camp out on the trail. :)

I agree Peter, however I'm not 100% sure I can make it till I ask for the time off on Wed. Once I get the time off, I'll go ahead and see if they've got any spots left. Where is your choice?? Or should I just take whatever they've got left.

Here's also the link for the White Rim trail
Dead Link Removed

Dead Link Removed
This pic was taken from Dead Horse Point. It's a paved overlook of the trail. The road you see... that's the White Rim. :) I can't wait!!

Oh come on people surely there are more of ya out there that want to go to moab with us.:D The more we get out there the funner it will be.......Well not too many then it will take us 2 full days to do The White Rim trail. But gees theres not 2 or 3 of ya out there that want to go? Even the lowriders can come on this one.;) And I've got 2 empty back seats in mine if you want to go but don't want to scratch your pretty X.

Ok everyone I have the 2nd through the 5th off, so I can go to Moab with you guy's If all goes well. It will be my firts time so I can't wait.

Great to have you aboard Joe. :)

I went ahead and took the week before off, so I'll be able to make it no problem(as long as I'm living here and nothing major comes up), however I will need to change my plans abit. I'm looking at leaving Vegas Thursday night, getting to Moab on Friday morning. Checking into the Canyonlands on Friday and messing around Moab. Running the White Rim Saturday and Sunday, as well as Top of the World Sunday(if time premits) and then either getting a place again on Sunday night, or sleeping on the trail somewhere. Then I'll have to leave Monday morning to return to Vegas. I'll go ahead and send the form to get a campsite on Monday. I'm going to put done to request the Murphy Camp for our first choice, and Hardscrabble as the second. Both are in the middle, so we may not get them. We'll see.

Studdedx.... sorry... We can play around on Friday rather than Monday if ya wish.

Well then Lee I'll give you my problem -k-

I can either take the week before off or the week after off. I know your saying so whats the problem? This is my problem. If I take the week before off (like you are) I can be there at any time but I'll have to leave early Sunday morning to be back at work Monday morning. Now if I take the week after off I can't be there until mid-day to late Saturday.

So what should I do about this? Anyone going give me some ideas here please. I'm pulling my hair out trying to figure what to do.

Well Derrick I have no idea about what you should do. But you better be there. I want to see you test out the rollcage. I hope you can figure it out. Kiss some major butt at work maybe that will work or we could come up there and kidnapp you.

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I was talking to Peter via email...... We may be able to take care of you Studdedx. With me taking the week off I would now be up to going on Thursday and running the White Rim on Friday and half of Saturday. Then playing around on Saturday and some of Sunday.... How about it Joe and Clint.... would you be able to swing that. I agree with peter when he stated that the odds of us getting a good site would be better on those days over a saturday.

How about it