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Moab 2001... take 2

You owe me Derrick.....

After talking to everybody the dates have been set!! For good!! We will be getting into Moab Thursday sometime and checking into a room. We'll then hit the trail Friday the 2nd EARLY morning. It gets dark there early so we'd like to get as far as we can before it gets dark. We'll sleep on the trail Friday and finish the White Rim Saturday. Then play around some on Saturday on a few other trails and check into a room Saturday the 3rd. Then all head back to home sometime Sunday.

I'm sending the form off Monday.... ya got a problem... yell quick.

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Wrong dates. Thursday is Nov.1, Friday is the 2nd.

Good To Go!!

Just got off the phone with the Canyonlands. We didn't get our first two choices, but we got one that will work just fine. We did run into problems though. With a group of 6 Explorers(5 set, maybe a 6) we have to do two runs, or at least tell them that. Their max is a total of 3 per group. I was able to get us 2 sites, however I don't see a problem with us sticking together and staying in one. We'll have two premits so we should be fine. I would be very greatful for anything you can put forward to help pay for the fees. It won't be much. The total was $60. If you can afford $10 a truck that would help me out alot.

Now to the good stuff. I think you'll like this Peter. Beat you're site from a few years ago. :) Our choices are back to back, both near the Green River. We can either stay at Potato Bottom at 64.2 miles from the visitors center, or Candlestick Camp at 53.2 miles. I figured with this we'll be able to run the trail normal, starting at the Visitors center, to the Shafer Switchbacks, then we'll be on our way. We'll then go ahead and decide which one we'll stay at that day on the trail. I figured we should be able to all stay at one camp no problem.

Peter, I went ahead and put you down as the other trailguide. They'll send everything to me, but you'll have to pick the stuff up.

Also... I was looking at the weather for Nov. in the Moab area. Be ready!! Canyonlands does not allow open fires in the park. Weather could get as low as 30degrees at night. Their normal is around 60, so that should make for some good 4x4 weather. I'd like to try to get to Dead Horse Point by about 6am on Friday to try to catch the Sunrise and then hit the trail. That will allow us about 10 hours to make a 50 mile trip before we need to worry about light.

I also tend to rember them charging a fee at the gate. I'd guess these premits will cover that($5.00) but I'm not sure. I'll check the paperwork when it gets here and let you know. If it doesn't say Peter and I will go ahead(and use you're pass Peter) and find out when we get there Thursday.

Now I'll leave you with a little tease!! I can't wait!!

Hey can I join?

Can you take another two Explorers on this? I won't speak for another member but I think he'll be ready.

I am currently planning to hit Moab in late October or early November. Peter, I would be honored to be there to witness your overcoming of your White Rim curse.

Derrick you expressed a desire for more extreme stuff than White Rim. Once I take the trouble to go out there for a two thousand mile round trip, I am sticking around and will spend at least another week in Moab. My X will have a "few" more mods by then :D hehe - and I am going there specifically to run Hells Revenge, the entire Golden Spike run including Poison Spider Mesa and also Gold Bar Rim; also Metal Masher and Cliffhanger and any other trail 4-4+ trail that all of my Jeeper friends tell me that my pretty grocery-getter can't traverse - maybe even Moab Rim. Would that whet your appetite?

Gerald and Peter....

If both Gerald and his friend joins and maybe Rick, that would put as at 8 Explorers on the White Rim. Taken that I'm sure one person will drop out from now till then, we'd still have up to 7 Explorers. I would LOVE to see that happen, as long as we can keep up the pace. This is a very long trail and Peter and I are planning on several photo brakes and plan on enjoying ourselves. What do you think. Is it maybe time to add another run? Maybe Moab Rim?? How many people would be up for riding with another? How many of the big dawgs will be up for running another trail rather than the white rim.

Before we set anything in stone, Peter, Joe, and I have done taken the time off work and it will take something major to happen to keep us from being there, how about it Studdedx and Clint.... Can we make plans around you two being there??

Let me know what you guys think and I'll make some plans.

Gerald, since your already coming all that way why don't you join us at SEMA right before the Moab run!! Say yes, say yes.......:cool:

The Herc Tour

Gee whiz Rick I'll have to check and make sure that's okay with my -- oh wait, I don't have one of those. Well then heck yeah why not :bounce: :D

I'm spending enough already on this trip though, so I'd be interested in the cheapo version: like trading Leebo some Las Vegas crashpad floorspace for some homemade Texas grub, LOL. I missed SEMA last year so this year sounds good. I spent WAY too much at SEMA two years ago, LOL. Rick, should I come out there I'd like to spend more time touring it with you instead of going our separate ways like in '99 when we barely saw each other. You know my personal situation so I'll have time.

Lee check your email. As far as other BigDawg runs, like I said in the email, if we take the trouble to come a thousand miles out there we ain't gonna be there just to play pattycakes. I'm looking at the complete Golden Spike (Poison Spider Mesa, Golden Spike, and Gold Bar Rim), Hells Revenge, Cliffhanger, Metal Masher, and maybe even Moab Rim. I know that trails such as Upper Helldorado and Rusty Nail are over my head but these others oughtta whet any hardcore wheeler's appetite, including Derrick's. I've never been on Moab Rim, but have talked to Jeepers that have run it and have also read Well's book about it, and evidently the first mile will scare the everloving bejeebers out of you. I'm modding my X for the lowest center of gravity I can get while still fitting big tires so I can give it a try. And maybe include some Depends in my trail kit.

I am also looking at going on west to Los Coyotes, Hollister, or even Rubicon after Moab. Rubicon. Especially the Rubicon.

A couple of months ago I emailed a very few about a possible nationwide "Herc Tour" I would take this fall encompassing major trails in all areas of our nation. I believe this may be gelling into part of the tour I had envisioned embarking upon.

Bring lotsa extry parts, fellas :smoke:

This sounds like it's going to be a HAPPENING. And all I wanted to do was find somebody to run the White Rim Trail. :D

I want to make absolutely clear that everybody understands what to expect of the White Rim Trail. It is not a 4x4 wheeling trail for 'build' vehicles. A stock vehicle can negotiate this trail. Heck, I've heard of 4-wheel drive station wagons being used as support vehicles by the mountain bikers doing the trail. It is mostly used by mountain bikers. The reason why I've been looking for somebody to do the trail with is simply that I don't believe going someplace that far on your own is very smart. Things can and will break and I wouldn't want to be stranded somewhere facing a possible 50 mile hike. To prove my point, find Ken Cook's posts from a couple weeks ago about his trip to Mexico.

If you're looking for challenges for your modded Explorer, this isn't going to give you that. You're gonna be bored for most of two days. If you're looking to do a leisurely two day trip with great scenery into the backcountry, then you'll be glad to have come (at least that's what I hope for). If you're gonna take a week off anyway to wheel in Moab, it'd probably be a nice break for a couple days from all the demanding, hard wheeling you're gonna do. I believe anybody that's been to the previous Moab trips agrees with me that the 4 and 4+ trails definitely require your full attention and after 2 or 3 days of that, something easier is a nice break.

Please understand, I'm not trying to discourage anybody. I just don't want you to have false expectations. Rick and Gerald, I would love to see you guys again. If you could make it, that would be great. And the other guys who I don't know, would love to meet you, see your rigs and do a run with you. Remember, I'm the guy with the bone stock truck.

Also, Lee has made the reservations for campsites based on who said would be going. One campsite per night (for up to 3 vehicles) is $30, non refundable. He shelled out $60. I think it's only fair that anybody who said they're going send him his $10 now. If it turns out later you're not able to go, you're out 10 bucks. He could be out a lot more. He made the reservations on your say so and shouldn't have to eat it because you change your plans.

Lee, about the number of vehicles. I think that can be managed. We don't have to stay all bunched up. Groups of 2 or 3 spaced out a mile or two should work just fine. If we don't run into a lot of bikers, we could even all stay together.

Gerald, if you go to SEMA and you're by yourself, let me know. Maybe we can share. E-mail me. I'm planning on Tuesday thru Thursday morning in Vegas.

OK, OK you talked me in to it.:D
If you all want to do a really hardcore run then lets do it!!!! I'm up for anything. I have the week before the weekend of this run off so as long as I'm back here before Monday morning then lets do everything. Maybe we should think about getting to moab earlier in the week instead of thursday. So is what I'm saying is I'm in for what every you guys want to do. And I have three empty seats in my rig since my girlfriend is now my ex-girlfriend so any of the lowriders want to join me in my rig for the hardcore stuff your more then welcome to.

Re: The Herc Tour

Originally posted by GJarrett
I am also looking at going on west to Los Coyotes, Hollister, or even Rubicon after Moab. Rubicon. Especially the Rubicon.

If your going to be in the Bay area (Hollister basically), give me a ring. You can stay here, and save some money, and get pics of Hootus and the City..

Also, if your going up or down the coast, add Oceano Dunes to your list (only place in California you can drive on the beach), and Hwy 1. Hwy 1 is something you don't want to miss..

I now return you to your regularly scheduled Moab discussion.

Lets fix my mess-up

We will be running the trail

Lee, it's almost funny to read the first sentence of this thread "I've been talking about returning to Moab this year ever since we got back from the last trip." You got bit by the bug buddy. I'll be two thousand miles away next year and noone should doubt whether I make it or not. Reading about Moab and being there to experience it are two very different things. I have a feeling we'll meet again in a couple of months :D

I've got my future nailed down more and unfortunately I don't think I'll be playing in Vegas at the SEMA show this year either. Sorry, Rick, it's become my own curse like Peter's White Rim curse.

Derrick, I don't want to plan on any misunderstanding, but it sounds like you have taken off the week before the White Rim run and not the week after. In an earlier post you said you had a choice. I know Rick and others will be at SEMA before White Rim and I can't make it either. I'd like to suggest that you think about keeping the week afterwards free for Moab instead of the week before.

Tom, after more thought I'm figuring the Rubicon gets closed pretty close to then, that's a heckuva lot farther out, and I'm not ready for more body damage yet, so I'll pass. You're right about Hwy 1. I've cruised it before, the first time on a motorcycle. Twenty years later and that trip still remains as one of my most precious memories. The scenery is pull-to-the-side-drop-dead-in-wondrous-awe speechlessly staggering. I've driven it since then, but in a car and not on a cycle, but that first time on a cycle was sweet.

As far as Moab on Thursday nite before the run, I'll probably call my old friends at the cheapo Silver Sage and stay there for the evening. What other plans do ya'll have?

Gerald, you have an open invitation to come down and visit us in Phoenix and stay at our house. If you would like we could do a few trails around PHX and maybe even T-haven. T-haven is "only" 4 1/2 hours farther.

Think about it :D

Originally posted by Rick
Gerald, you have an open invitation to come down and visit us in Phoenix and stay at our house. If you would like we could do a few trails around PHX and maybe even T-haven. T-haven is "only" 4 1/2 hours farther.
Hey, I'm sure quite a few of us wouldn't mind a T-haven run. :)


Peter and I were talking about getting a place to stay on Thursday as well as Saturday somewhere in town. He's said something about cabins in Moab that are cheap. If that doesn't go anywhere the Silver Sage is just fine by me.

I've been working out a few ideas for the plans on Friday and Saturday. I should get them out by the first of the month. The one thing I will need as time comes closer is when you're planning on getting there, and when you're leaving. :) Also, with this long of a trail I'd like to take a tip from the bikers and maybe split up carring the camping supplies. That way we don't have 10 different stoves and such. The tents and bags will still be carried by you, but stuff like Gas and extra water will be split up by everybody. With this large of a group that could come in handy. Is it OCT. yet??

Damn you Gjarrett!!!!:D

I was thinkin about takin that week off but everyone made the decision to show up on Thursday and do White Rim Friday and Saturday. And I was going to do anything I could on the way back into town saturday and go back out sunday morning to do some tough trials or what ever came up. See this is my problem: I only have 1 more week of vaction so I have to choose wisely on which week I take off. Then after that I want to do both, some atleast 3+ trails and white rim. Not exactly enough time for both. Can anyone help me here? :( Basically what it all comes down to is I just really want to meet you guys and have the time of my life with fellow "SERIOUS EXPLORATION" kinda people. Except Clint, hes gettin an A*^ Whoopin when I see him.:fire: :D


Derrick, I think I understand you now. You said you could take a week off, and I assumed that meant five work days so you could take off from, say, Wednesday one week through Tuesday the next. But you are saying that you have to take a Monday through Friday off, is that right? In that case yeah you're stuck with having to take the first week off. I know you want to do a hard trail or two. I'll probably be able to work out getting there a day early and we could do a tougher trail together on Thursday while the rest of the gang is at SEMA. I have just the trail in mind too. Golden Spike. :D

How about that?

Sweet idea!!! I'm game if your up to it!!!

Yeah I tried to take that wed. to tues. off but work siad nope sorrry only monday thru friday. So I'm stuck with what I get. No matter what though I'm doin the White Rim with Lee and everyone else cause that was the plan. One more thought though on something I want to do..... I want to check out "The proving grounds" My jeeper friends here say that is the most extreme place to be and whatch people.

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Rick, sounds good. There's a couple of outstanding issues in my schedule that will dictate what happens, but if it works out like I am hoping for that would be great. We can make plans this weekend during the CCR2001 and I can let you know what's going on. How fun it will be if we can pull this whole thing off.

Derrick, Golden Spike is one of the classic Moab trails and it is an all-day run. I have not attempted it yet and there is the possibility that we will have some trouble route-finding a time or two on the trail. I have run both Poison Spider Mesa and Gold Bar Rim which are the two trails that begin and end the Golden Spike run but I have not run the central section of the Golden Spike trail itself that connects PSM to GBR. Meet me at the City Market in Moab on Thursday by 8:00am sharp ready to rock because I want to get an early start to ensure that we finish the entire three-trail run for the day. If others come into Moab later on Thursday they can run Gold Bar Rim and meet up with us as we are exiting out of Golden Spike onto the Gold Bar Rim section. We did that last May and it worked out fairly well.

There is a specific reason I am planning this for Thursday. I want to run harder Moab trails now, and two hardcore classics that I want to put under my belt are Golden Spike and Hells Revenge. Rick and others will be at SEMA before the weekend and Rick has already run both Golden Spike and Hells Revenge, so I don't know how interested he would be in doing them again.

If you and I run Golden Spike on Thursday we can both be doing a new-to-us trail that others either don't have the ability to run, or have already run; while the rest of the gang is in Vegas at SEMA. I want to do Hells Revenge on Sunday after White Rim.

After that, from Monday on, I plan to spend some days running 3.5-4 rated trails that none of us have done yet as a prerun for Moab2002. Rick will be in town by then and I am hoping he will be interested in running stuff such as Seven Mile Rim, Flat Iron Mesa, Metal Masher, and/or some other challenging trails that none of us have run yet. I'd like to put them all under my belt and get a feel for these as a prerun for next year's Explorer Moab run. I'm still cogitating over trying Moab Rim and probably won't make a final decision until we are all there.

Can you be at City Market early Thursday? If you've never been to Moab it is a one main street town and it's not hard to find anything. City Market is on the east side of the highway on the south side of town and everyone in town can tell you where it is when you get there. If you'll take the trouble to simply drive through town you'll see it on your own with no help at all.

Concerning the Proving Grounds, that is an insane trail requiring a winch, offering guaranteed body damage, and an almost certain probability of (multiple) rollovers. If you really want to do that you'll have to hook up with someone besides me. I'll copilot and spot for you if you have a full roll cage, but my grocery-getter ain't gettin' near that trail.