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Moab 2006 Sign Up May 13-14 10th Anniversary Run

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PM me if you would like to attend this run:

This year "Serious Explorations" is celebrating it's 10th anniversary. To make the most of this milestone event we are going to have 3 "major" Explorer runs. The Moab event will be held on May 13-14 2006.

As always there will be runs for everyone from stockers to big dawgs. A list of trails will be posted as we get closer to the event. For now please just list the level of trail difficulty that you feel you are comfortable with.

For YOUR safety no one under 18 will be permitted to attend without a Parent or Guardian or a NOTORIZED WAIVER


Rick and Char having a pucker moment on Potato Salad Hill, Moab 2000


mrboyle on Steelbender, Moab 2003


Diff Whack Daddy on the Launch Pad, Moab 2003


Jefe gets a little IFS air in the Wedgie, Moab 2002


Brother of Jefe wishes for a little more wheelbase at White Knuckle Hill, Moab 2004


GJarrett & AshliX spending their honeymoon Behind the Rocks, Moab 2004


offroad_69_me on Poison Spider Mesa, Moab 2002


hvac man on Moab Rim, Moab EJS 2005


JTX tries to roll over Behind the Rocks, Moab 2004

The following items are required to participate on this trip and are taken from the "Trail Equipment" article's "Required" list. It is suggested that you read the entire article if you have not already done so. Many other items are suggested and necessary besides the ones on this list. If this is your first time to run Moab, get ready for the fourwheeling trip of your life! Do not shortchange yourself and encumber others by coming unprepared. In addition to this list, if you have a stocker, make very sure you have skidplates installed before even thinking of showing up for Moab (hint ;) ).

> Water, 1 gallon per person per day minimum.
> Card kept on your person with emergency contact info and medication allergies
> Personal supplies for at least twice the time you plan on being out:
If you are going on a morning trip, pack a lunch and trail snacks, beef jerky, fruits, dry/canned food, etc. If you are going on an afternoon or all day trip, assume you may spend the night in the vehicle and pack accordingly: medications, flashlight, batteries, matches/lighter, and blankets & gear appropriate to the environment, area, and season.
> CB: do not even think of showing up without one!
> Fire Extinguisher
> First Aid Kit
> Spare Eyeglasses (if needed)
> Spare Key! kept on your person
> Towstrap, at least 20', bare with no metal hooks/brackets attached
> Full Size Spare Tire, lug wrench
> Standard Bottle Jack with 12" square wooden platform for use in soft ground
> Basic Tool Kit
> Fix-A-Flat and/or Tire Plug kit and air compressor (12 volt plug-in or other)
> Trash bag, for your own as well as other's trash
> Towpoints front and rear, frame mounted

Radio frequencies:
Once in town, these will be our frequencies. If you can tolerate it, we suggest you do not squelch your CB in order to maximize reception.
CB: channel 1
2M Ham: 146.520 Simplex

Lodging and Moab Information: Support this site by linking through the main page "Explorer Bookstore" to 4x4 books and/or and purchase Charles Wells "Guide to Moab, UT Backroads & 4-Wheel Drive Trails". It is an absolutely invaluable resource for the trip and a "must-buy".

TRAIL RATINGS (Moab trails are rated thusly; example trails within category are listed with each rating)
1 All weather road; 4WD not needed. (Sand Flats Road)
1.5 Graded road; 4WD may be needed in poor weather. (Onion Creek)
2 Unimproved or rarely graded road. 4WD or extra clearance needed at times, with no special driving skills required. (Chicken Corners)
2.5 Road rarely maintained, 4WD, good clearance, low gears (4LO) often needed, with some extra care and a bit of driving experience useful. (Gemini Bridges, Secret Spire)
3 Road in difficult terrain, rarely maintained, 4WD, good clearance and low gears essential, with some driving skill and daring required. (Top of the World)
3.5 Road in difficult terrain, probably maintained only by occasional users. Excellent stock truck or utility vehicle required, with considerable driving skill and daring needed. (Steelbender, Elephant Hill, Fins & Things)
4 Trail either never bladed or badly eroded. Stock vehicles are in jeopardy (read: be prepared to accept body damage). Modifications for improved off-road performance and top driving skills needed. (Metal Masher, Poison Spider Mesa, Hells Revenge)
4+ Trails reserved for those not much concerned with vehicle durability or personal safety. It is common to have 10% or more of the vehicles experience major mechanical failures on these trails. (Golden Spike, Cliffhanger, Moab Rim)
5 Relatively new category reserved for only the most extreme of trails. Don?t even think of running one without a winch, 35? tires, lots of lift, both axles locked, and willing to take major body damage. (Pritchett Canyon)

Stock: self explanatory, 4wd with low range - up to 3 rated trails
SuperStock: 1.5" lift; 31" tires, skidplates, LSD (limited slip differential) in rear - up to 3+ rated trails
Modified: 2.5" lift, 32" tires, LSD front and rear OR one locker - up to 4 rated trails
Big Dawg: 4" lift, 33" tires, LSD in one axle AND one locker in the other - 4+ rated trails
Extreme: 5.5+ lift, 35" tires, both axles locked, winch, willing to take major body damage - bring it awn, any trail


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*1. Rick and Char - 4 - Plaque din2
*2. Brian Kennedy - bkennedy - 4 din2
*3. Gerald Jarrett - GJarrett - 4 - Plaque din1
4. Joshua Champion - Goliath - 4
*5. Derrick Volk - Positive Vibes - 3-4 - Plaque din1
*6. John Glancy - Brother of Jefe - 4 - Plaque din1
7. cancelled
8. cancelled
9. cancelled
10. Kevin Cross -Offroadkc -
*11. Ryan Sowell - arsoul - 4 -din13
*12. Douglas Emerson - Becker69 - 2,3 - plaque din1
13. cancelled
14. cancelled
*15. Matt Dresselhaus - RockRanger - 4 - Plaque din1
*16. Jared "Six Tire" Doty - twotonex - 3 - Plaque din2
*17. Mike Boyle - mrboyle - 3+ - plaque din1
18. cancelled
*19. Robert Uhrich - 90ranajo - 4 - plaque din2
20. Bobby Ermatinger - Boble86 - 4 - plaque
*21. Bill Collins - RangerX - 4 din1
22. Roger Schlender - sandrunner - 4 - plaque
23. cancelled
24. cancelled
25. cancelled
26. Marshall Graves - offroader_69_me - 4 - plaque
27. Jason Parrish - exploderpilot - 3- plaque
28. David Jarrett - AspenX - 2,3 - plaque
29. cancelled
30. David Harward - dignan - 3+
31. cancelled
*32. Jefe Glancy - Jefe - 4 - Plaque din1
33. James Young - Climbnkd - 3
*34. John Young - Climbnkd2 - 3 din2+1
35. Joey Timmons - JTX - 4 - plaque
*36. Tom Davis - tdavis - 4 - plaque din1
37. Mike Prociv - Big Dakota - 2,3 - plaque
38. cancelled
39. Mark Ware - Markw - 1,2
*40. Colin Ignacio - Froader - 4 - plaque din2
41. cancelled
*42. Perry Schwab - Perry - 3,4 - plaque din3
43. cancelled
*44. Jamie Fortune - 410Fortune - 4 - plaque din1
*45. Alan Schneider - the ho - 4 - plaque din1
*46. John Whitaker - Section525 - plaque - 3 din3
*47. Brian Sumner - Brian1 - plaque - 2-3 din3
*48. Allen Bardick 67Truckguy - plaque - 3,4 din2
49. Michael Cecy - biggs85 - plaque - 4
*50. Christopher Glass - CG - plaque - 4 - din1

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