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Photos Moab 2007 Photos & Trip Report


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Please place all of your Moab photos in this thread so they don't get lost in the chat thread.


Jefe's Friday Photos -

Jefe's Saturday Photos -

Moab B2's Photos - 5-18-07/

mrboyle's Photos -

Brian1's Photos - 07/

MountaineerGreen's Photos-

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Here are the pics that John took Friday:
There will be no full resolution pics till I get to a real internet connection. All these were uploaded from my Cingular EDGE card.

Some of 'em:
Hells Revenge:

with Johns 'artsy' pic

Msupertek and a broken rear driveshaft:

The remaining Hells Revenge Crew at the Outlook:

410fortune on Hells Gate:

DB1 in the Hot Tub:

Here are mine: 07/

Friday I did Bull Canyon myself, I had never done it before. It was a fun little trail that ends at the bottom of Gemini bridges.


Today it was just JStrider and myself in our group. We started off doing Long Canyon from the bottom up which made it a little harder. After that we did Mineral Bottom which wound down the canyon and ended at Green River where we had lunch.


After that we came back up, hit the highway for .3 miles and then did Mineral Point, well sort of. It was hard finding the route and I passed one of the turns, we found it but then took another turn that the book mentioned but it dead ended in about 50 yards. We decided to head back out and do Gemini Bridges before the rain came.


We headed down the several ledges and it started raining and lightening close by so we skipped doing pictures on top of the bridge.

Me headding to the bridges


Getting ready to head to dinner in a hour, I havent heard or seen the other groups yet but I have been at my hotel for about 1 hr.

Sitting here at the Canyonlands campground with a cold corona in hand, uploading pics right now, guys ;)

Thanks Floppy:D :p:
:p: :D

Tilt's speshul... (this is what a 351windsor will do to a drag link:

Evan repairing his Cv for the third time:

Becker didn't want to be left out..

Lt's damage happened on Steelbender (where Msupertek & co and us in LT's Bronco got lost for an hour, lol), and Evan and Doug both busted on Fins & Things today. Evan's currently modifying his Cv in order to get to dinner in a few minutes.

How Becker bent his tie rod:

Lt on Fins & things:

FlyboyCoe having some fun in the creek at the campground:

Matt on Steelbender:

IZwack, whaddya mean "Us easterners have to sit on our couches and admire the pictures"? ;) :D


Wow, this is definitely the year for carnage:eek::D

deffinetly makes me wish i lived out west! and that i was done with my swap! looks like alot of fun guys!

Hell no!! Man, those pics just make me drool... I want to be there SO bad... My freakin' Ex is still sitting on the trailer on the side of the house. Makes me sick to see it there "all dressed up with no where to go":(:banghead:

Looks like lots of fun! Carnage is the fun part cause everyone helps eachother out!

Looks like a good trip. Sucks about all the broken parts but would still be fun.

Sucks that your sick Rick.

How did dinner go last night?? What was the "new" Branding Iron like??

How did dinner go last night?? What was the "new" Branding Iron like??

Dinner was good. The resturant was a little under staffed (someone called in sick) but we still had a great time. The new building is nice, but there is a serious echo problem which can make it really loud when 25+ people get to talking.

I had a blast again this year, even though I could only make if down for one day. I led the group on Fin's-n-Things and overall we had a great time. We started with seven but only finished with five after Evan pulled apart another CV and Douglas bent his inner tie rod. Both were able to drive back to town and make repairs.

Here's the pics I took:

I'm glad it went well for you guys.:thumbsup:

:thumbsup: Dinner was great--cept the noise level. Thanks, again, Mike for leading us. I haven't been on the slick stuff in sooooo long. What an absolute thrill. Hey, is there a "what happened on the trip home" thread?
Rick, I am looking forward to meeting you in the near future.:salute:

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Sounds good to me. I know there are trails around Parker. Anything good in Bull Head City?

(edit) PM me... I don't want to clutter this thread.