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Photos Moab 2007 Photos & Trip Report

Who is Matt (boardname)...


...and why don't I know his explorer? Looks good. :thumbsup:

I'm waiting for the Golden Crack pics to be finished uploading. :D

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I'm waiting for the Golden Crack pics to be finished uploading. :D
Sorry, guess the batteries quit long before it finished. :( They are just a few minutes away from done.

Some pics from Saturday:

Waiting in the only shade I could find while Jaime pulled his front axle apart:

Golden Crack:




Today (Sunday) the big dawgs ran the first part of Flat Iron Mesa before splitting for home. There were some great obstacles in there :cool: (once we found them). It went very well. We only got a few pics though as we were trying to get in and out as fast as possible. I'll upload those when I get home

My carnage for the weekend includes a bent a rim again, and a broken bolt to the track bar, and didn't find out until we had driven 17 miles back to camp today. :eek: Its the Rubicon Express track bar with a dinky 3/8" bolt. But in case you ever need Grade 8 hardware in Moab, Car Quest had a wonderful selection. :thumbsup:

I'll also add my compliments of the group dinner. By far the best one I've attended at Moab. :thumbsup:

John and I apologize for the somewhat crappy pics. We were testing out our new work cameras. We also brought the video camera and lots of tape but never turned it on as we were leading & spotting all three days. :o

And I have to think that John was actively avoiding the Dr Pepper pics. :dunno:

Wow, these shots of Jefe and DB_1 are awesome!



...and there is nothing wrong with a pretty blonde driving an off-road rig :thumbsup:


Sorry to post so late we made it home yesterday afternoon, I will post some pics and video later when I have more time

Moab in 3WD is STILL alot of fun

I want to thank everyone for all the help (okay okay I got the strap 5 times on Golden Spike), patience and for the great spotting....what a great group to run with.

Rick we missed ya hope you are feeling better.

Josh your BII is a work of art, I am glad to see it made it through with no major issues on its "maiden voyage" You and your father are very nice and pick great lines next time Im jumping behind you instead of lettintg you watch me lift my rear tire 3-4 times hahaha

For everyone in Moab I didnt get to wheel with or see, sorry bout that I was having a few "truck issues" we will get into later...lets just say the BII is going to be down ffor a while, I am not putting another $ into my front diff (locker = possible kablooey) so its likely SAS time but shhhh its a secret

This year we got to run Hells Revenge on Friday, I even conquered Hells Gate with spotting from Jeff. I slipped off the wall and had to back down and get back on line...that was interesting for sure. Watching Msupertek divide his driveshaft was entertaining to say the least and the repair job he did oveer nigt was quite impressive.
Watching Jefe and Dave tackle the hot tub was a spectacle, the escalator I am not about to do in 3wd (mt front diff was POPPING or loading up and slipping), and as usual because I had to drive her home I found myself taking alot of bypasses.

On Saturday we ran Golden Spike, Julee drove for the first couple of obstacles which was quite awesome to see. She climbed right up Waterfall and had no issus attempting launch Pad. We lifted a tire or two on the top of Launch Pad and started to hop to the left. So She stood on the brakes for a good 5 minutes while Jeff and the gang got out the strap.
This is the second time my BII has had issues with Launch pad and because Julee was driving this time around I got to see what my face looked like on my first attempt three years ago.
On Golden Spike we baja'd the BII a bit and once again my slip yoke shaft let go, no big deal since I was already having locker/diff issues. So I think it took about 30 minutes for me to remove the entire pass side axle shaft and seal up the hole int he diff with a glove :) Thanks for the help and patience guys!

We did the rest of Golden Spike in 3wd which was quite interesting....but still alot of fun, I think we were on the trail for 9 hours total

On Golden Crack I bent the Duff bumper just a bit, a chain should be able to straighten that sucker back out....

Sunday I didnt want to push my luck so Julee and I just loaded up the truck and headed home....I ended up nursing the 3wd beast home because my shift linkage was a bit out of whack and the trans was slipping into neautral...of course once I figured out it was a linkage issue and I could get back in gear with the shifter we were good to go...but of course we didnt find this out until just 1 hour from home....

so it was a longer then usual drive :)

I have 3 different camera's with video and pictures...once I get it all sorted out we'll post up. Julee filmed a nice in cab video of hells gate I could watch over and over...nothing like slipping your tires off the wall and lifting the fronts to get the juices flowing :)

The BII is going to be torn down and will likely miss a bunch of this summer.
out comes the sawzall and the check book.....I am going solid axle and some sort of chop top....if there is enough left over I'll get an Atlas t case under this sucker too.....this was the second time in Moab I had to run with 3wd and well I need more travel and wheelbase to keep up with the big dawgs

beams for sale!!

coming soon the tear down......

Could this be true, the ttb master is switching to the **dark side? :p:

Sounds like it was an interesting trip for you guys. Glad you made it home ok and that you finally realized the inevitable. :D

**actually means the good side or smart choice. :)

TTB kicked my ass

My front diff is Fubar
I want long arm travel

Explorer will take over IFS duties :)

the shop I had setup my ARB (both of them) is out of business, I already had to re-do the rear I am not surprised the front is now acting time I will pay the extra $150 to have High Country do the setup....scratch that next time I am setting up my own diff

I will know more after I get a chance to tear it apart.....I suspect spider gear is mashed up or the locker itself is jacked

This is what I get for doing a fix two days before hitting trail...but it was to be expected and we still had a kick ass time. Even with 3wd and a TTB I can still almost keep up with the big dawgs so I can just imagine what a long arm kit, 2-3" more wheelbase and a nice flexy rear end will do, oh and a tractor style crawl ratio too......

I didnt spend that much $$$ on my front end, I stretched it out over a 8 year period :)
the ARB is the $$$ part.....

the big $$$ part is coming up, dana 44 the way I want to do it = $$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$

First off, I want to thank everybody that went on this trip and made it the best possible experience for me. This was my first real time off roading and it couldn't have been better.

Friday's run on Klondike Bluffs and Tower Arch pictures are here:

Saturday's run on Fins N Things pics are here:

Photobucket likes to put my pictures in reverse order, so start at the bottom if you want to see them in chrono order.


I want to personally acknowledge Evan (MountaineerGreen) and his persistence with 3 CV failures.

The first time:

The second time:



The third time, which remained contained in the CV boot:

Here's Becker69's bent up tie rod:

What size tire does Matt run?


BIG! I saw that too, but they don't look as big in other pictures.

Looks like a lot of fun, maybe one of these days I'll build me a trail ride and head out to Moab. :D
Was hoping to see a few more pictures of Josh's B2 though. :)


I think those are 35's. his Ex went anywhere with the eb style d44 front and 9" rear, lots of sheet metal removal and not much lift over stock. I followed them (with strap wrapped around his axle in the ready) for most of Golden Spike

Wow! What a trip!! I am just getting online after a late night last night and meetings early this morning. I also had 3 cameras going, once I get a chance to organize my pics I will get some more posted up, although most of the time I was in my rig or spotting.

It was a great trip and it was great to meet all of you, some for the second year in a row, others for the first time! Great to finally see Jaime's BII! Sorry you couldn't make it Rick, I am already looking forward to next year.

On Friday I had a great time tagging along with the big dawgs. First off, we wandered aimlessly around area BFE. My dad's bronco was running pretty hot, so we dropped it off at the campground on the way to Hells Revenge. I had run this trail last year and loved it, this was my BII's second run and my third on it. The BII did great....thanks Jefe for figuring out my starter issue! It was awesome to watch Jaime on Hells Gate! I really thought he was gonna roll! Atleast I know that a BII can do it now! I also had a great time watching Jaime lift his rear tire about 3 different times(I knew you'd beat me to the SAS!)! I'll go first next year...!:D

On Saturday I had a hard time figuring out which group to go with. My BII doesn't really fit in with the stockers or the big dawgs. I wasn't about to try Golden Spike, and I wanted a bigger challenge than a dirt road, so I figured I'd stick with Gerald and run Flat Iron Mesa. Then as Gerald pulled away to head off to the trail, he said if I didn't have lockers I couldn't come.

I was pretty disappointed:mad: but decided that if I brought my dad along with me(74 bronco, locked front and rear, winch) that he could pull me through if I needed it. So we sped off to Flat Iron Mesa. Eventually we caught up to Gerald and his group and we had a great time working through a bunch of obstacles. First time on the that that trail, and it was great. Gerald is going to do a full write up on it.

And yes, I was the only one in the group without lockers and I never took the strap!

Thanks Goliath for fixing my PS was about to fall right off the frame!

Just before dinner at the Branding Iron that night, we cruised through Fins N Things. Kenny's climb always gives my BII trouble, but this year I made it just fine!

Sunday we followed Gerald again out to Poison Spider Mesa. I had run the trail once before, but never in my BII. Gerald was a great trail leader both days, and his GPS came in handy more than once! Only 30 minutes in to the trail I noticed I was leaking a TON of coolant. Pop the hood and notice...NO RADIATOR CAP! Hah, yeah, that will cause a small leak. Luckily the cap was trapped in my inner frame rail, grabbed it and put it back on. The tippy Waterfall was interesting in my BII. Going up wasn't bad, but coming down was a pucker moment. An hour later I notice the linkage on my column trans shifter going out. I figure it's an easy fix so I pull over to patch it up...3 hours later I finally got her to limp through the rest of the trail. Finished it without a hitch. I still have an issue with the linkage, I think the cable is bad.

So, got in 4 good trails and had a good time. Got home about 11 last night. Didn't have much time to assess any new PINSTRIPES in the paint. ;) Hopefully there aren't too many!


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wow so you did have a few issues, thank goodness they were minor!