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Moab 2018 Dates June 1 - 3

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Praying for you.

I could say more but.....

I'll leave it there.

Yeah doctors are no fun. Praying for you.

I'm out :( Surgery is scheduled for May 17. I'm glad I pressed the doctor for details about the implant. All he has ever said was "tube shunt" so I had in my mind a tube inserted in the eye for drainage. Well that's the least of it. The tube is attached to a cartridge like device.


That whole thing gets inserted into the white of the eye:eek:. I signed up for the surgery before I ever saw what he was putting in. When I asked him about it during the exam he said go to and lookup Baerveldt shunt, and if you want you can go to Youtube and watch the surgery, I did. I would have been happy with a pamphlet right there at the office so he could show me and answer my questions right then and there. I need to make another appointment with him to discuss my concerns.

Now that I see what he has in mind my biggest question is how many patients can't tolerate that thing in their eye for the rest of their lives and wind up having it removed?:banghead:

This isn't the "end all" either. I asked what happens if the pressure remains high as it has from my previous surgeries. He said... "I can add up to 6 tubes":rolleyes:

Rick, maybe there is some other people who have had it done that you can talk to. I will not even have a laser done on my eyes because I'm a chicken, I can't even imagine this. How long does the surgery take?

30 minutes once I'm prepped and ready to go. I have checked out forums and have read everything from horror stories to successful outcomes. The horror story was great pain and discomfort and wanting the device removed. Trouble is there are VERY few posts to look at. There are plenty of videos on Youtube of the surgery, but not one from a patient who described what he/she went through,

That sucks Rick i hope that fixes your eye. Prayers your way. I am wondering who is still planning on going? I am a for sure.

I will still be there. I plan on running easy/sight-seeing type of stuff. I may have an aggressive looking rig but it's probably not quite dialed in and this will be that trip.

We are still in might have a few extra friends going. I dont think i will do any hardcore. Totaled my daily a few months back. So my explorer is my daily for now until i find something.

Agh... Looks like we are out. I have to many projects going (Work and home) and just can't get my Mountaineer ready in time. That and I found out some frustrating news on the trailer I bought. It has some title issues that I need to work through. Hopefully next year I can make it again.

Daydreamingly threw it into the google. 23 hour drive. Yikes. And, I guess, bump?

Well, it looks like I'm going to make it down this year. My Explorer is as ready as it has been in years. Lol. My nephew will be down with his Jeep and staying in Canyonlands with me. We are arriving on the 30th and leaving on June 5th or 6th. Im curious who is still planning on showing up?

I am still planning on being there. May 31-June4. I am staying at KOA.

Pics or it didn't happen, right ;)

Just had this done this morning. So far so good... I go back in the morning for a post-op appointment.

So disappointed I won't be joining you in Moab this year :(

Hey, gotta take care of number 1 first! Fingers crossed for a speedy recovery, man.

Rick, I hope you heal up good and quick. Man, this getting old stuff has to quit.

This thread is just getting weird to me. I'll get pictures I guess, us, all alone, lost, broken stuff, drinking mud water. I hope i don't have to chew off my ankle or something-

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For those who are still going to Moab, please take, and share a lot of photos. I can't even express how disappointed I am that I cannot join you this year and would really like to feel like I'm still part of what's going on even though I'm stuck home.

My recovery has been slow. Due to complications I have been to the doctor every day since last Thursday:banghead: