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Photos Moab 2021 - EF's 25th anniversary

Which weekend for Moab 2021?

  • May 1-2

    Votes: 1 8.3%
  • May 8-9

    Votes: 3 25.0%
  • May 15-16

    Votes: 8 66.7%
  • May 22-23

    Votes: 4 33.3%
  • May 29-30

    Votes: 3 25.0%

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Back for over a week, and still haven't washed the rig. . . which is unusual for me. Came back to a major effort at work last week and helped a friend move over the weekend. . .

Couple of pics, somewhat random:
Rim - Paul Notch (MAY 21).jpg

Stuck on Moab Rim - - had to winch up, re-tested the sliders, as well as the BrianBuilt rear leaf spring hanger ramps. . . This was the notch before the Z-Turn, Only "stuck" of the week. . . .

Kane Creek Line-Up, before Hamburger Hill
Kane Creek Line-Up (MAY 21).jpg

Laurel (Phil's [Albino94ltd] wife), releasing some of Phil's ashes at the Top of the World Trail.
TotW - Laurel (MAY 21).jpg

The PNW Crew with Laurel at TotW
TotW PNW Crew (MAY 21).jpg

Left to right: Dwight, Mike with son Carson, Laurel, Kevin, me.

Jackson Hole trail, easy run for our last day in Moab, Kevin on the trail:
Jackson - Kevin (MAY 21).jpg

My rig at the balanced rock, Jackson Hole trail:
Jackson - Paul.3 (MAY 21).jpg

Overall, a great trip, very impressed with how the new-to-me rig performed. . .


Nice Pics!
Really makes me wish I could have made the trip with the Explorer instead of the Expedition. Stupid rear diff.... But it'll have a locker when its repaired!

That first pic, where you're stuck on Moab rim... wondering how much space is between your rear tires and terra firma?

Nice Pics! That first pic, where you're stuck on Moab rim... wondering how much space is between your rear tires and terra firma?
Easy answer: Not enough. . .

Slid off the line and wedged in pretty well. If you look at the slider, you can see the liner torn off on the back third, below the door. Would have been a much worse stuck if I did not mount the BrianBuilt rear leaf "sliders". . . . That's what came in contact with the ledge, slider and leaf spring ramp; if not for the BrianBuilt product, I'm sure the recovery would have been much harder - - looks like it would have hung up right on the front part of the rear leaf spring. . .

Here's a picture of the ramp and slider with Moab Rim cosmetic beauty marks. . .
Slider and Ramp (MAY 21).jpg

No issues for me with the shredded Monstaliner - - the two components did what they were designed to do - - protect the body and limit the "stuck factor" when my puny 33's get me in over my head. . .

Needless to say, glad to promote BrianBuilt products - - have several pieces on this build, and they are great products. . .


Late to the after party. Fell sick with a bout of Bronchitis upon my return from Moab. Been a heck of a few weeks to say the least.

Another amazing trip with the Forum was pulled off. Can't say enough great things about this group's members. We share the good, bad, and everything between when together.

Day 1, for My Son, Kurt & son, & myself was spent around town, and at Arches National Park. The boys loved it, and had some lifetime imprinted memories from the day.






Day 2, we joined the EF group at the City Market, and headed out to Hells Revenge.


About 1 hour into the 1st trail of the trip, Kurts front locker decided not to disengage, and broke both the inner & outer on the Dr side. He converted to drive slugs, but he got that sorted out, with the help of Kevin having a spare set of new locking hubs. He could 3 wheel it safely now, with that locker still engaged.


We made our way around the trail, and stopped at Hells Gate. I decided to sit this out. I did it years ago when the rig was smaller, and less top heavy. lol


Awhile later, and I snapped a front axle coming down a tight turn after the hot tubs. Limped it off the side, and discovered I couldn't find the 32mm socket for the outer nut.


Ugh! My son had his RZR, so He & Kurt headed back to town to grab one. I told the group to go on, but being the true one for all group they are, everyone stayed behind until they returned with the socket, and the axle was swapped. Thanks again guys! We finished the trail, and headed back for dinner at the Brewery. Wasn't the best of days for the MO group, but at the same time, was an epic day! Kurt & I managed to pick up new spare axles.

Day 3 was Hurrah Pass.
We decided to relax on an easy trail, and let the PNW crew go ahead onto Moab Rim. As Traveler & Wife, Kurt, and my Son was discussing the trails to take that morning, Brian1 called and joined us for the day. He lead the group all the way to the Catacombs. That was Cool! The tunnels, rooms, passage ways go forever, and can easily get lost in there. Easy trail, but very scenic as you follow the winding Colorado River, and some spectacular views into the canyons below.






Day 4 was spent at Kane Creek.
My son had to leave this morning, and get back to the family. That time we shared here, went by way too fast for me. I'm just glad he has started to join his old man on these adventures lately. Our 3rd trip in less than a year now. It's an incredible feeling to have, and can't wait for the next one!

Okay, where was I? Oh yeah......This was the hardest day of the trip for my rig. This trail has a bit of everything. Water crossings, sand whoops, climbs, shelf trails, Ledges galore, Heavy Brush (new pinstripe badges!) and more.

After the huge wash obstacle, we came upon the "Squeeze". Slider paint was quickly removed, and some human muscle used to push the rigs bodies away from harm.



After some lunch in the shade, and more sand trail traversed, we ascended up the canyon walls shelf trails until we hit a traffic jam. Just around the canyon wall corner was a group struggling to get up the Infamous Hamburger Hill obstacle. After an hour of stacking rocks, we helped them all get up.

Ok, our turn. Group leader of the day in his wicked Scout, zoomed up no problem, and spotted the rest of us up. Everybody made it up no problem but me. On this hill, there are several obstacles to overcome as you climb up the steep hill. Made it to the last big shelf with a big boulder on the dr side. Rear wheel slipped off the side of the boulder, and wedged the front tire in front of the ledge. Bumped the skinny pedal, and BAM! Loudest bang this rig has ever made. The cast bell end of the outer side of the CV exploded, and sent the ball bearings flying like shrapnel in a claymore.

A tug up that ledge by Kurt LS swapped beast, and limped it to a flat spot off the trail to swap in the new axle, that I had just picked up that morning. This time, we had all the tools needed, and Kurt & Paul stayed with me to do the repair, as the rest of the group went on. Worked out well, as we was only like 30 mins behind them. We got lucky, as Paul turned at a better place then the rest of the group. While our trail had some crazy obstacles to overcome, the rest got stuck and had to pull rope multiple times. Guess the wheeling Gods felt pity on us. LOL Was pitch black when we finally returned to camp. Thanks Kurt & Paul for hanging back with me..... Again!

Someone has a picture of that CV carnage, just can't remember who has it.

Day 5, was spent hunting down more axles for Kurts rig as he was 3 wheeling it the last couple of days, with a borrowed Hub unlocked. We found one, and swapped it in at camp. Then JobeJerry arrived and he had snapped a front axle on Hells Revenge too. Another axle swap later, and it was already dinner time. We met the group at the Brewery, and consumed some goodness. Campfire under the amazing UT sky, and incredible views of the twinkling cosmos swirling above, rounded off another day in paradise.

Camp set up koa moab 21.jpg

Final day, for Kurt & I, was an epic trip to Top of the World for the entire group. We had a couple additional members join up this day. Mike in his 3rd gen, and his friend in his Trailhawk, and First timer, as Paul had mentioned already, the late Phil's Widow along for a special ride, with a special purpose. Full crew that made a line a block long!

For those that have never been to the top here, it is almost a spiritual experience. We had Gerald's wedding here, and now we had ashes dispersed from a fellow EF member who has been greatly missed in the group. I have never felt closer to God being up there. Simply amazing, even though it was my 4th time.



Looking forward to the next meet!


G you really need to be a writer.... And great pics!

Left out a section - - non-italicized. . . .

Rear wheel slipped off the side of the boulder, and wedged the front tire in front of the ledge. . . . then after following the ill-fated guidance of my spotter, bumped the skinny pedal, and BAM! Loudest bang this rig has ever made.

Wanted to grab the bumper sticker from the T-Shirt shop that read "If you can read this, shoot my spotter", usually mounted upside down on a rig, but was going to mount it in the driver side front inner wheel well of the Black Hole. . . Unfortunately, they closed the shop Saturday right as we got back into town after Top of the World. . . Great pics and write-up.


Is it too soon to start planning for the next trip?

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Oohhhh - - dates in mind? Invitees or planning on going solo?

Super short trip sept 10th-12th - @Diff Whack Daddy and I are flying down for the Bronco off-rodeo. Get to go drive some new broncos around on the trails.

will be planning another longer trip once I actually get my new bronco :)