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Thought it might be good to start another thread :rolleyes::D for groups heading to Moab - this week!!! Jen (ExplorAuthorityGal) and I would enjoy being part of a convoy/caravan, but there's no easy way to find out when others are planning to leave, from where and via which route.

So we'll start. We're planning to leave the Denver area (Littleton) Thursday morning (5/17) via good 'ol I-70. A good meeting place is the Morrison exit, just off I-70, right before the mountain climb begins. Let us know if you want to join us!

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I will be leaving Provo, ut area on thursday, If there is anyone that will be traveling down by Salt Lake on I-15 and you want to travel together just send a e-mail my way.

Kris and I are probably leaving Austin, TX early-ish on Tuesday, going hwy 84 I believe through Lubbock and Santa Fe. Then we'll connect to hwy 160 to 666 to 191 into Moab! We should be arriving mid to late afternoon on Weds.

Gerald, ya catch that? We'll probably be arriving on day early and should be able to do some runs on Thurs.

IF my truck is ready on time ( Dead Link Removed ) Then I am leaving May the fifteenth, aroung five or six in the evening and heading out on the same route as Alec. I plan on driving straight through and arriving at night on the sixteenth.

I wanted to bump this back up to the top since we're just a few days before heading out... :bounce:

We are leaving Weds at noon. My folks will be leaving Thursday, but I think they are going to just take there time and go slow.
Like make a day of it I think..............

well as many of you noticed as we were coming back from Saxon Mountain this weekend, my explorer has an extreme lack of power (I was flooring it just ot keep people from running me off the road)... even though its got the same motor and the same gears as everyone else... on Ricks recommendation, I am going to call around this week about some hi-flow cat's, and if I replace those and that is the problem, I would love to caravan with some folks out there. Otherwise I will be going solo... I hate slowing down other people. I'll probably be leaving fairly early on Thursday morning, so I can get to Moab by dinnertime.

I changed my route, I'm going 290 to hwy 6 to I-20 to hwy 83 to I-40 to rte 666 to rte 191 to Moab! Just in case you were wondering...

Originally posted by mattadams

I'll probably be leaving fairly early on Thursday morning, so I can get to Moab by dinnertime.
You mean lunchtime, right Matt??? :eek: Moab's only about 6-7 hours from Littleton, right??? Anyway, let us know if you're able to recover some of that speed, Jen and I were planning to leave Thursday morning as well... :)

Chris, when are you planning on leaving town? I might join you for the beginning... I replaced my O2 sensors and welded my cracked axle drop down bracket so I may be able to recoop some of the speed, and if I'm too slow you can just pass me I wouldn't mind.

Sounds good, Matt. Jen & I were planning to leave around 7am tomorrow. If you like, we could set a firm time to meet you at the Morrison exit off of I-70 (or somewhere closer since we're just in Ken-Caryl) at perhaps 7:30am?

ok 7:30 it is... by then I should know whether the lack of power has been solved or not... and you guys can either go slow and stay with me or cruise on ahead, I won't be offedned if you guys want to go faster :).
I'll be on CB Channel 13.

Morrison exit off I-70? I'll assume so if I don't hear from you. We'll be in the northeast parking lot around 7:30am (no later than 7:45). Thanks for giving us the option. :) Maybe your tinkering with Vegas will have him/her going at a good clip. I don't mind going a little bit slower...unless it's like 55mph the whole way... ;)

Chris, never mind, don't wait for me... Explorer is in the shop. Bad tie rod now (why these things didn't come up over the weekend is beyond me but it somehow got WAY broken between then and now...) THey said it should be done by noon or so, so I'll be in Moab hopefully before 9 or so, LOL.

Oh, that's crappy! Sorry to hear that, Matt. :( I hope they stay true to their word about getting it done ASAP tomorrow. Oh well, the convoy was a good idea, at least... ;)

Drive safely and we'll see you there - eventually!