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Modified 2016 Police Interceptor Utility

I just took delivery of my new patrol vehicle and it looks like yours, except for the wheels. Since I work for a large agency, they have to order the basic wheels with the horrible hubcaps (the full plastic ones, not the small center caps). We can upgrade our wheels on our own, but most don't want to spend a lot of money of a vehicle that technically isn't theirs. Do you or anyone on the forum have any ideas on where to obtain those upgraded wheels for a really good price? Or if anyone knows of where to obtain any less-horrendous hubcaps.
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I guess beauty is indeed in the "eye of the beholder". Personally I don't see anything wrong with those wheel at all. In fact some members here feel that the ones I use in Winter are "horrible". Are those the ones you are after? Paid $88 each plus the cap from the dealer. There are are members who live close to the border who have come here and bought those.



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Here is what we are doing....Sound Off Mpower thin ones if you want an almost flush mount with no cutting. Then the larger nForce with slight modifications to the grill cutouts.





While that would be best, not really an option for someone that bought a used vehicle that lives 1400 miles away..and on a limited budget..
Hey turbo glad to see you on this forum. Im the one thats been talking to you on youtube about your videos.

On the PIU Bandwagon now, bought it used with 59k on it.



2017 MY LASD CAR TEST DAY was yesterday at AutoClub Speedway in Fontana CA.

I took a picture of the final results.

Ford still fastest but the best part of the City Pursuit Course was watching both PPV Tahoe's light their brake pads on fire.


any pictures of the Chebby Tahoe fires :D

I was asked specifically not to post those, but if LASD makes comment about the fires in their final report that is released on their website to the public then I will.

are those wheels standard or are they the "street package" or whatever they call it
There is no package that includes them. They are a $475 option and are the same as the standard XLT/Base wheels.

This does not have the street appearance package, but it did have the alloy wheel option, I believe. It also has carpet, which for me was a must. The fog lights are not fog lights, but OEM Ford/Whelen warning lights in the fog light housings. This was also an option. Most of the work is now complete, it just needs it's graphics. I also have a '13 Explorer Sport, and an '11 SHO.

Here are the wheels, installed. I used 22x9 TSW Donington's in Matte Black. I went with a 20mm offset to bring the wheels out to the fender more. H&R Springs to follow.


If it were up to me, I'd paint the center caps. I'd also recommend swapping the tail lights for the tinted Sport ones and blacking out or deleting the badging.

FYI anyone looking for the EXACT fit lights for the 16+ grill. ford branded whelen lightheads with fancy factory harness plugs = $750 each from the Ford dealer. Whelen micron STUD MOUNT (needs to be specificly the stud mount verson not the surface mount) can be found online by various Whelen dealers for 75$-125$ each.
i just swapped the PIU grill into my 17 XLT specificly for the gill light pockets. looks soooooo good.
edit- you may need to call and request the stud mount. most online sites dont offer the option to choose. i had to call.

After trying other cheaper options, I ended up just spending the $100 per light for the Microns. Had to custom order them from Whelen (through a dealer) as the combo of white/amber split, stud mount with smoke lens is not something that is typically stocked.

I like them. Unless you are looking, you really don't notice them.

See them in action..

EDIT: Guess you can't link to a specifc time on a YT video here. Jump 7m 50s if you just want to see the Microns.

Nice clean install that's very nicely done.

Really like those backlit switches.

Have you ever looked at the Sound Off Signal BluePRINT system?

We are testing now, no more running wires all over the place, complete customization looks very promising