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Modifying screen space


June 4, 2008
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2022 Platinum
I just picked up my new (to me) 2022 Platinum with the large, portrait mode screen. And I have two questions:

1) When I shift into reverse and the backup screen comes on, the backup camera is about 1/4 of the total screen (basically about 2/3 of the top third of the screen). The remaining part of the top of the screen is used by what I call "god view". The backup camera screen is too small for my liking. There is a button you can press to eliminate the "god view" so it takes up the top third of the screen but you have to press it EVERY SINGLE TIME you shift into reverse.

Is there some way to make that selection permanent?

2) When using the in-car nav system, the map will take up the entire screen (as it should, IMO). But using google maps or Waze through Android Auto, the map only uses the top third of the screen. Is there any way to expand the map to use the whole screen like the in-car nav system does?

I have a bad feeling the answer to both of these is no, but it doesn't hurt to ask.


No and no.

But since you have a new-to-you, do yourself a favor and look into the settings and make sure your SYNC is 23188. Earlier versions may be problematic. Rumor has it 23188 may be the end of the road for Sync 3.4.