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mods to 99 xlt


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March 14, 2003
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99 XLT
alright im kind of running low on ideas. and i saw someone else do this so i figgered id try it to. i already plan on getting

20 inch Giovanna Barlettas on pirelli low pros
Clear corners for the front, smoked taillights
Sport Trend running boards
X-Spec Airdam
Shave all the emblems & roof rack
lower 3-1/2" to 5"
Scoop hood

Can anyone tell me any other mods which would look good? also would it be possible to get dual exhaust? where can i find a all chrome grille guard....they only have black ones at explorerexpress?

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dual exhaust is possible for sure- just go ask local shops and be persistent and if they tell you no then just do a search here and bring pictures in.

i would also recommend a billet grille of some kind (maybe from me...) rather than a brush guard. imo grille guards don't look that good on lowered trucks. if you must find one go to or (actually go to both and look around for sure)

your also going to want to remove your moldings.

also, if your gonna make it look that nice you should throw in an awesome system and some engine mods too (but that can wait)

What do the sport trend running boards look like? I have yet to see aftermarket running boards on an Explorer that look better than the stock running boards.

OH im definatly throwing in a awesome system. 4 kicker solo baric 15 inch L5s, 4 mono amps, 4 5x7s, and 2 tweeters, along with 4 tvs.

expo, ive hurd of alot of people doing this. can u like tell which part the take off. or sdhow me some before/after pics or something? i should have mentioned yea im getting a billet grille. and i ment a brush gurad, not a grille guard. guess i kind of got mistaken.

texplorer - they are the ones on the very bottom. they will look tight on my tuck i think.

if you look at my pics you should be able to see te side molding thing removed. its below the waist line on the doors.

the system sounds great, we'll have to swap pics later. are you sure your going with 5 by 7s? i'm ditching mine as fast as i can.

thats what i hurd was the best fit...i was gonna get 2 kicker component system with 2 5x7s and 2 tweeters. what do you think i should get?

alright i also have a new problem. i FINALLY found some euros for the x, but i cant decide if i should go with them or with the totally smoked out ones? or would it be possible to only smoke the white parts of the tailights, but leave the red visable?
here is a picture if you need to see them -

can anyone who knows about smoking lights help me out?

yeah, you can smoke any portion of the tail lights you want. i think smoked i will look better than the euros.

also, it is fairly easy to get a 6.5 to fit in the doors. i am going to get a 3-way component system with 6.5, 4 inch, and tweeters for the front powered by a 500.2 rockford amp, and 6 by 8 inch two way speakers for the rear of my truck powered by a 280 watt 4 channel pioneer amp bridged into two channels. it is a direct fit for the 5 by 7s, but the platic mounting thing hurts sound quality anyways so your better off replacing it with mdf if your gonna put good speakers in and once your doing that you may as well go with different size speakers.

i think imma go with euros, then when i get it painted black imma smoke out the white part of the euros, but leave the red in. im also gonna get a black ford logo with red writing.

and about the door speakers ill talk to someone at world wide and see what they say.

also, since u mentioned hooking up the engine, i was thinking of using the upgrade products from to upgrade to a V8 engine. would this be a good idea, and are thease parts quality?

i would use their parts for the engine, but only if you can't find the same thing cheaper elsewhere. try searching those other two sites i mentioned up above.

alright that sounds crunk....thanks u have 2 b like tha most helpfull person on here, its nice toi actually have someone respond to your posts every now and then....ill check them sights out and see what it do....
thanks again man

also does anyone know if it would be possible to install a power sliding sunroof in my x? my freind had one installed in his Acura fr like 500 but i dont know if they could do it in a x, with different wires and things

they can do it no problem. i think the dealer charges around 2,000 so i'd stay away from them. any place that specializes in sunroofs should be able to do it no problem though.

damn 2 gs? i was lookin to pay around 500-600. oh well

alright i have a kinda hard question.
im looking to get a tight lil tint job, but i was wondering if it would be possible to be limo tinted black, but when u look at it in the right light it has a little bit of a dark red shade?

one of my buddy sells ractive tints (the ricer brand lol) but he has a product that could help you do that exactly.

if you have stock tint and add a red tint underneath your set!

does he have a sight or anything i can look at to order from? als what do you mean, have factory tint, put red tint over it, then the limo tint?

sorry it took so long to reply. me and my grul been hangin out alot and i havnt had time to get on here

no just add the red tint behind the factory tint. he doesn't have a site up yet. i'll send him your info next time i get a chance and tell him to get back to you.

ohhhh cool ok. that will be limo tinted too right? thats like the most important thing.....i dont want anyone to be able to see thru it

yeah, you just need to get like 5% red tint and put it behind. i'll see how much he can get the tint for. you do feel comfortable installing it? or no?

yea im gonna try too.....but right now my funds kinda low offa some incidents that resulted in heavy fines, and apparently telling ur boss "Kiss my ass" and walking out isnt a good idea if u need im putting tha mods on hold 4 like a lil bit.....unless i make my rich girlfreind buy em for me

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ok a new question....whats the best way to increase HP? I want a FAST truck