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mods to 99 xlt

BUUUUUUUUMP ok my funds are aboutto be back so can u find that out for me?

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i'll ask him next time he's on when i am. should be soon.


man i just got a tight idea of what i wanna do (its cheap for about 250 and i can do it myself) to make my truck a total original. i kant say it cuz i dont want anyone to steal the idea. I jus gotta make sure the parts used for it r compatible w/ my X

also, wheres a good site to purchase leather seats, even if their used?


im going to shave everything except the doorhandles. im goinjg to replace them with chrome ones.

he can no longer get the red tint. i'm sorry. try a google search i guess. he switched to carrying a better brand and they don't have the colors any longer.

thats cool im sure i can get a tint place around here to do it. im gonna get limo tint with red tint over it, so it will be as reflective as mirror tint, but dark red.