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mojave road


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September 7, 2011
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Yucaipa Ca
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1991 explorer
I will be running the Mojave Road Jan 24-26. I plan on starting in Needles and heading west. I already have the guide book and maps but was looking for input from people who have done it in 3 days. Camping spots, things to see,things to avoid that kind of stuff. I have read alot about it but would like some first hand experience. Also if anyone has GPX or KML files that i can load onto my nexus 7. Your input is appreciated!

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...If you do a "Title" search on here for the word "Mojave", you will find several threads with pictures and info..;)

..Sorry as I can't think of anyone that has any files but someone might jump in with info of where you can download them from..

100's of GPS files pop up when you google "Mojave Road GPS file"

Lava Tubes were cool. Stop at all the normal attractions - forts, penny can, old bus, mailbox/shrines (find the explorerforum frog!), all the springs, the visitor center was worth a stop too.

I have a KMZ from my first trip. I didn't really use it since I was following someone else, but it has a lot of good landmarks on and off the route. Road.kml

There are also good mobile tracks on AllTrails (iPhone and Android) and a few other apps.