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Mono Amp w/ DVC Subs


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September 1, 2008
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Philadelphia Airport, PA
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2005 V6 Silver XLT
Im working into doing a slight upgrade on my stereo at the moment...

so far I have ditched my DUAL HU, and upgraded to a ( PIONEER DEH-P4200UB ) HU, and replaced my broke rear door speakers with some replacement ( KENWOOD KFC-5793PS ) speakers. Currently waiting to get my ( KENWOOD EXCELON XR-4S ) 4 channel amp installed for the doors this week. then once that amp is in, i wanna upgrade my subs and 2 channel amp...

I found a good deal on some ( KENWOOD EXCELON KFC-XW1222D ), and a ( KENWOOD KAC-9105D )

The Subs say they are rated for 600w RMS max @ 2 ohm's. The Amp says its max is 900w RMS @ 2ohm's x 1 channel. If I wired the subs in series ? like so...

would this set up be possible to do ? based on the Subs / Amps power capabilities, or would i need to look into a 2 channel Amp ??

if a different Amp is needed, any suggestions are welcome.

thanks fella's :thumbsup:

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That is the correct way to do it. Set your gains properly and enjoy.

so what i posted above is a very possibe set up ?. just want to make sure that if i bought this amp that i wouldnt damage the subs...

any idea of what kind of power i could get to each sub wired as such ? now i know that setting the gains etc. will have an effect but, just an estimated guess would be really cool...

ive never had a mono amp wired to 2 subs before, so this is very new to me...

The subs should get 450 RMS each. That's fine for those. Oh, the X4R is one bad ass amp. I have 2 of them :D

my local audio shop suggested it to me, saying i would be very happy with the amp, and that it would have good control over my speakers making them sound pretty good.

Infinity, may I ask what speakers your currently running ?

also in reference to my sub question, wow 450w RMS each would be a huge jump from what im running now, hell even 300w RMS each would be an improvement lol

Currently? None. :D I have several sets of custom components that can go in. I haven't decided what to use yet. Probably the SEAS that I have in storage. I was running Alpine STX's (SEAS and Vifa sourced) in my Sport Trac.

i have a setup exactly like in the drawing in the back of my 4 door, and it works good,
lots of bump,

I know this thread is about the subs im looking for etc etc...

but just wanted to comment about my new XR-4S Amp that i had installed today. Infinity you werent kidding :thumbsup: this amp sounds great ! the newly found clarity of my door speakers is just incredible ! such an improvement, and im very happy with the investment so far !

may be ditching the idea of the KAC-9105D, and just shelling out the cash for the XR-1S to match the subs with :thumbsup:

That's the sub amp I have also. It is awesome. Huge amount of clean power in a very small package. It also keeps cool when being ran at the limits for long periods of time.


what kind of sub set up is your XR-1S powering right now if you dont mind me asking ? if i can get away with 1 sub that will perform as my current under powered set up, if not better i would be very happy, but i can still live with 2 subs...

just be nice to save a little bit of cash, which would translate to faster install :D

I had it on a pair of Sundownz 10's in my SportTrac, but it's currently awaiting install in the Mounty. I'll likely do a pair of brutal 8's or the 10's again- depends on enclosure requirements....and money. ;)


if i was in your position, i would say go for the 10's...

took the plunge and bought the ( XR-1S )...

now I atleast have my power source... now gives me atleast 2 weeks to decide what sub or subs i want...


if i was in your position, i would say go for the 10's...

I most likely will, but in a proper ported enclosure this time. They worked OK in small sealed, but ported is always welcome to me.

my XR-1S came in the mail today :D

now im just waiting for another 2 weeks, so that my friend will buy my current subs i have in my X...

now what to buy ???? looking for a solid single sub that will handle the XR-1S with no issues...

considering a Alpine Type X 10 or RE Audio SXX10D2 so far... still looking for other options, so please if you have a suggestion let me know...