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Mono leaf to 4dr leaf swap


October 3, 2011
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Albuquerque, New Mexico
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1998 Ford Explorer Sport
Hey guys i'm going to swap out the mono leaf on my 98 sport for some 4dr leafs. One question, does anybody know of a site I can get them from and do you know the part number?(Or which ones are compatible). I read a post on here saying somewhere on the site was a write up w/ pics on how to do this but couldn't find it. If anyone by chance knows of a write up, could you post it here please?

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they appear to have springs for pretty much any vehicle. I've not bought from them, just a site I came across while looking for add-a-leafs. You might also consider a junk yard, no shortage of older explorer's available for parts.

I got mine from an auto salvage place and then put AAL in.

SDtrucksprings also sells an add-a-leaf spring
for the monoleaf. Part no. 43-1183-XL.

i put a set of used 4dr springs in my 99 made it level up again, no more saggy bum.

I used 4dr rears from a 00 Limited (not that it makes any diff which model) but, it lifted the back up... throw some Warrior War153 shackles on the back while you're at it!!


(not that it makes any diff which model)


Actually there are different spring rates on the leaf packs I believe. If I recall the limited models are softer for a softer ride and they also have the air ride.

Regardless, 4 door leaf pack is a definite upgrade to the stance, stability and comfort.

that'll explain the bouncy bouncy ride at the back then.. I should fit the air ride...


that'll explain the bouncy bouncy ride at the back then.. I should fit the air ride...


Possibly the reason, maybe throw in an aal?

Sure wish sports had there own place

get a set of 91-94 4 leaf springs & get 250lbs higher rating

Just did this swap a few weeks ago,,I got mine from the wreckers. Just about any 4 door donnor will work.There is a write up for weaving in f150 springs somewhere on this site that should explain the basics for the swap.its pretty staight forward if you have some mechanical skill .good luck!