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Mono Leaf Vs Multi Leaf packs


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November 23, 1999
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Ok, now this is NOT for me... its for someone else....

If you were going to do a Spring over Axle, and you had a 1996 2-Door Sport, with the Mono Leaf Springs, and you have an Add a Leaf, would you keep the Mono Leaf casue it has Flex, or go with a set from a 1999 4-door Explorer which you can get for $90......

I want to know your Opinion's....... Pro's and Con's!

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hmm who's X could you be talking about?;)

I do get a significant amount of flex out of my 4 door pack. But it is old and crappy, I had to AAL to it. So it may be advantages. Probably a little stronger too if you are going to wheel it. But the mono could have some advantages too. Already on there, has AAL, good flex...... has held up this long with the spring under....

Four door pack disadvantage.... Too stiff and too much arch the ass end will sit higher than the front. You cannot get more than 5" total out of the superlift kit. Atleast I can't I get binding if I go too much higher. Just depends on that spring pack. However I did it and I sit only .5" higher in the rear

the only thing ive heard about the monoleaf is that is fairly weak, if you want strength you need the 4door leaf

I would go with the mono. I almost put a 4 door pack on mine when I did my SOA but if I had the rear would have been higher making the truck have a nose down appearance. I've loaded it up and it didn't sag too bad.

Well my Concern would be Axle Wrap...... and eventually the sagging of the Mono leaf's like so many others have.

Originally posted by CBoug76
......and eventually the sagging of the Mono leaf's like so many others have.

I just switched back to my old monoleaf when I did the SOA. That way most of the sag is already factored into the lift. Now the only way for it to sag any more is for it to go completely flat (which I haven't ruled out completely).

Originally posted by CBoug76
Well my Concern would be Axle Wrap...... and eventually the sagging of the Mono leaf's like so many others have.

I got that with the four door pack, stuck an AAL in there and nice and stiff now. but it won't last becuase with the exception of the AAL the spring pack is pretty shot.

I wanna keep an eye on this, I was sorta wondering about this myself.

The only disadvantage besides lack of lift if you need more if that the leaves could actually go negative. I mean that at the ends the leaves could go past flat and actually get negative arch. My old 4 door leaves did this temporarily when wheeling and racing. They would return to normal after a few days. Basically extended axle wrap.

A four door leaf pack is great with a aal if you get the whole set re arched at a spring shop. I just did this on my sport and its great. I got it arched so it sat 1/2" higher in the back. After a few weeks it settled and it sits level. I eleminated the warror shackle as well. I went to a custom shackle that was about the same length as my stock ones, they are just beefier.
It sure beats a sagging mono leaf with a super long shackle that sits out like a sore thumb.