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~MonoXide's X-ploder of Doom!~

well, ive been a member for a few month's, and plan to stick around so i figured id add my truck to the registry. its a 92. i actually got it for free, but it hadnt been driven in a few years, so ive allready put about 2000 bux into the pile.

this is what it looked like when i first got it.




ive been frequenting the local junk yard, and pillaging part's as ive found them. this is some of the things ive been doing recently.

painted the stock rims black, and left the lip unpainted for the race truck look. lol



instead of waisting my money on the KKM intake set up, i bought a 5.0 MAF housing from my local junk yard, and a cone filter, and intake adapter from the local auto store. total cost, LESS THEN $35 BUX!



Here's proof i love this forum!


im slowly converting my exploder to a mazda navajo as i grab parts. this is my 1st part. (my OEM steering wheel didnt have any of the cruise buttons, so i actually had a reason to swap it)


this has been the biggest part so far for me to install. this is my overhead console, and auto dimming mirror i pulled from a 94 limited.



this is probably the rarest part of my truck. every other explorer ive seen has had a 5000 RPM redline. where as my truck's gauge's are at 5500 RPM.


i also swapped the 4 smaller gauges to the blue lettered LIMITED's gauge's.


PROOF my truck is the real deal X ploder! lol.


and for any other KMK fan's. i have a total of 5 SRH spade's around the truck.


so far ive replaced my entire front braking system including the lines, and calipers. entire charging system including the charge wire, alt, battery, starter syl, battery terminals, and added a ground to help also. spark plug wire's, plugs, fuel filter. the sunroof didnt work, so i had to replace that whole set up. next thing im gonna attack is the rear brakes.

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i headed to the junkyard sat morning to finally grab a 2nd gen rear end so i could upgrade my 1st gen rear drum's to disc. took me about 3 hour's to pull it at the yard. its from a 96 xlt, its just like what i have in my 93 stock. a 3.73 with factory lsd. i also grabbed a set of calipers, two set's of the prebent hard line on the rear end, two sets of rubber line's, the rear sway bar, and the entire emergency brake line all the way to the pedal.

rusty, but here it is.




not much to look at yet. gonna clean it up over the week, and assemble all the rest of the parts i need, and hoping to knock out the install next weekend. ill also be adding a 2nd gen brake master cyl, and brake booster to go along with the 4 wheel disc. and after measuring at the junkyard. ill probably be picking up a 4wd aerostar aluminum driveshaft. they are the exact same length, mount to the rear perfect. just the input to the trans is different. but thats just popping the u-joint, and swapping ends. should make for a real nice mod.

O Yea~
total cost of all the rear end parts, and including a inner drivers side door panel, and some volvo intercooler piping. $75 bux out the door!!!

nice x keep up the good work

thanks! i still havent had the time to even start on the explorer. been having to work on my beater probe lx since the main brake line decided to blow up. had to pull the gas tank among tons other stuff to replace it.

with a name like xplorer of doom you need to lift it... BIG lol

nice work so far, very tasteful mods

i would LOVE to lift it, but it's current duties include a 240 mile round trip, every monday, and thursday that my g/f drive's. so it needs to stay pretty streetable for here. i do plan on buying a set of 31-10.5's this year before winter hit's. probably will not get a lift for awhile.

love the wheels. i miss having the slant 5 star wheels. my 93 4dr had them but i totaled it, woulda kept the wheels but 2 were bent, 1 was cracked, and 1 was eh.. scuffed.

nice car. a lot of cool mods on it. i love the steerig wheel

What kinda paint did you use on the wheels? It looks like the paint turned out pretty well.

paint was the el cheapo walmart .89 cent a can stuff. figured why waste money on the truck. its held up so far without any issue. and its real cheap to touch up. lol.

last weekend i also swapped out the ford explorer tails, to the mazda navajo tailsto go along with my conversion. i also installed some 31/10.5/15's. big tire's dont mix well with running boards though.

Nice truck and its nice to see the various mods you are doing during its re-birth. :cool:

finally have some stuff to update. starter went out on the truck. decided if i was gonna work on it. id finally install the new disc rear end.

i didnt get off work till 6, so didnt have alot of time to work on it. got this done in about 3 hours. spent alot of time drinking, and just listening to music though. lol. didnt even bust a knuckle. and thats rare for me. im hoping to install the rear axle tomorrow. and then WED, install the 2nd gen 4wd brake master cyl, and brake booster. and also the starter finally on wed also.

here some pic's of what i got done today, along with some pic's of my 31's and my MAZDA tail lights.





here's the pics of the rims and tire's..




and my MAZDA NAVAJO tail lights. (one step closer to my dream of a 4 door navajo!)



i know its still nothing special. but its a truck i got for free. and have really put very little into so far, and am enjoying just messing with it. part of me wants the motor to fail so i canbuild something a bit more fun for it also. but who knows what will happen. i can promise you this though, ill keep messing around, and doing stupid **** to my truck as long as i can. :)

Congrats on starting the major stuff. i see that you have the whole rear apart now, if you were gonna lift it now would be the time... :D.

In anycase, good job, truck looks great, and it's interesting that you're turning it into a Navajo, it's different :thumbsup:


i put some real thought into a SOA since im already at that point of dis-assembly. and even own a welder and die grinder, so i could knock it out. but the truck is driven by my fiance alot more then me. and i dont need it too top heavy just in case.

depending how things go this week, and week end, id like to rip off the stupid step rail, and install the factory skirts i grabbed from the junkyard. but i might just wait till i can order some new lower panels and replace alot of my rust before it spreads anywhere else. ill just have to wait and see.

only had about 3 hours to work on it again today after work, but got a bit done.

i didnt have any help, so getting it up, and installed was a bit of a pain, but as of now, the axle is in, also installed the 2nd gen sway bar which is MUCH larger then the stock 1st gen one. should be a nice upgrade. brake lines are ran. still need to get the E-brake line done though.

one thing that stopped me today was my RANCHo 5000 shocks lower bushings are too large, so i need to locate the correct bushings before i can really install them. hopefully ill be able to locate some tommorrow after work so i can get this on the ground.

on to the newest pic's.




here's the stock sized tire next to my 31's to give you an idea of the size difference.



here's my shock's also. i also have the fronts with boots. but dont know when ill install them. probably wont be till after winter though.



I'd do away with the anti-sway bar -- it only holds you back on the trail and is a pain when you're trying to work on the differential.

the trail duties this thing see's is just spurt of the momment stuff when im bored. more then anything, i want to keep it more of a street truck then anything else. id like to invest in a beefier front sway bar even at some point.

i was really putting some thought into the SOA conversion while i was there. but decided against it based on the majority of where i drive it at. we have been putting over 400 miles a week on this truck for the past year. so street manners mean alot.

the one thing i really need to do is yank the step bar's off. last time i went out off roading, those things were getting hung up everywhere!

well i finished it up last night. rear end is fully in. brakes are done. even installed a 2nd gen rear master cyl to handle the rear disc's. i also had a 2nd gen brake booster i planned on installing. but the bolt pattern was different between the gen's, and it wouldnt bolt up. so im using my original 1st gen booster on a 2nd gen master cyl.







all in all, id say it wasnt as bad as i thought it was gonna be. total time spent was about 9 hours. and keep in mind i did all this by myself. if i had a friend help, the removal and install would have been ALOT easier. lol.

now i just need to replace the starter, and i should be good to go! not sure if ill have time to do that today or not being turkey day. but hopefully ill find some time to sneak out there.

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