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~MonoXide's X-ploder of Doom!~

well, ive been a member for a few month's, and plan to stick around so i figured id add my truck to the registry. its a 92. i actually got it for free, but it hadnt been driven in a few years, so ive allready put about 2000 bux into the pile.

this is what it looked like when i first got it.




ive been frequenting the local junk yard, and pillaging part's as ive found them. this is some of the things ive been doing recently.

painted the stock rims black, and left the lip unpainted for the race truck look. lol



instead of waisting my money on the KKM intake set up, i bought a 5.0 MAF housing from my local junk yard, and a cone filter, and intake adapter from the local auto store. total cost, LESS THEN $35 BUX!



Here's proof i love this forum!


im slowly converting my exploder to a mazda navajo as i grab parts. this is my 1st part. (my OEM steering wheel didnt have any of the cruise buttons, so i actually had a reason to swap it)


this has been the biggest part so far for me to install. this is my overhead console, and auto dimming mirror i pulled from a 94 limited.



this is probably the rarest part of my truck. every other explorer ive seen has had a 5000 RPM redline. where as my truck's gauge's are at 5500 RPM.


i also swapped the 4 smaller gauges to the blue lettered LIMITED's gauge's.


PROOF my truck is the real deal X ploder! lol.


and for any other KMK fan's. i have a total of 5 SRH spade's around the truck.


so far ive replaced my entire front braking system including the lines, and calipers. entire charging system including the charge wire, alt, battery, starter syl, battery terminals, and added a ground to help also. spark plug wire's, plugs, fuel filter. the sunroof didnt work, so i had to replace that whole set up. next thing im gonna attack is the rear brakes.

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it bolts right in, and was designed for the rear disc's. plus i yanked it when i pulled the rear end at the yard. it didnt cost me any extra so why not?

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hey man, that's a pretty clean x you have for the year!!!!!!! What else do u have planned? keep up the great work.

mono......is that a probe in the rear you have in that garage? old probetalk member?


lol. yea. i actually still own two probe's, and a 626gt with a fe3. im a moderator on probetalk also. been a member since 2001 there.

i thought i've seen that name before, just trying to remember if it was a probe or neon forum. small world, had a 89GT and was very active on the probetalk board back in the day........

Nice progress on the truck, it looks nice.

last weekend i also swapped out the ford explorer tails, to the mazda navajo tailsto go along with my conversion.

Is there any difference in fit/bulbs/hardware between Explorer and Navajo tail lights, or is it purely cosmetic? The reason is I have a big R for a cracked tail, no nearby junkyards have a Navajo, and Autozone wants $80+ to ship a used one from cali. If I could easily swap a pair of explorer tail lights from a junker it would cost less than half that.

the navajo tails swapped right over. and plugged right in. i really liked them. i cash for clunkered the explorer last year. and even kept the navajo tails, and put the stock explorer ones back on the truck. lol.