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Monroe 58617 Monroe Load Adjust Shock Absorber


November 19, 2016
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1997 Sport
Monroe 58617 Monroe Load Adjust Shock Absorber

Just picked up my 1997 explorer put these on after reading post on here and reviews on amazon that they would fix the sag on the drivers side on mine they did not maybe a little but still a noticeable sag toward the driver side on a positive note the ride is night and day different I was really hoping it would have fixed that sag. Do they level it out after driving awhile?

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I'm thinking if you'd have seen a difference it'd been instant. Every source I've seen has suggested these for a slight sag. But then again others claim it raised them an inch or two. Sounds like you need to add a leaf.

Sounds like you have a broken leaf on one side or warped. If so you may need to just replace the leaf springs.

Is it 4wd or does it have a weight distribution hitch? Just curious because some abuse 4wds and some with hitches tow beyond the vehicles capacity. Either way I'd definitely investigate those leaf springs.

They just boosted mine up an inch or so. Still 1/2 diff side to side, which is ok by the book 3/4 is the max. With the poly sway bar bushing though it handles 10X better now.

I'll take it by your username it's a sport. Go ahead and do the leaf spring swap from a 4 door. They have a multi leaf. The bigger leafs teamed with the sensa tracs did wonders on mine for sag. Plus I got and inch and a half of lift out of it. Mine was sagging pretty hard but I overloaded it several times. So that fixed that problem. Also rides a whole lot nicer with the bigger springs in there.

Yeah I bet it would. But don't do just one side. You need to do both.

If you're not installing 4-door leafs and just adding AAL, you "may" get better side-to-side leveling results if you swapped L&R sides. Gas weighs 6 pounds per gallon, drivers weight, and the battery adds up quick. AAL alone would likely lift both sides the same distance.

in all honesty the benefits of 4 door springs far outweigh the benefits of ad a leafs. That's why I did them. And I got mine for 30$ for both at a local junk yard that my close friend owns

^ Agree 100%, especially if the OP's removing the leafs to swap sides. I think everyone here agrees 4-door leafs are the way to go. Finding a strong pair at your "buddy" price may not be so easy, and shipping lead filled leaf springs would be stupid expensive.

I know I know I'm lucky haha but still shouldn't be that expensive for you normal not so privileged folks. Shouldn't be anything more than max 75$ I'd bet

if you're going to look at new leaf springs take a look at

i found a set for mine and they were only like 75 bucks each. although before i buy them im going to try the monroe shocks for the lean. (i need new shocks anyway so i figured it wouldnt hurt to see if it makes a difference)