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Moog Front Bearing Hubs


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January 4, 2013
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Jonestown, Pa.
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2003 Explorer XLT
Just wanted to let anyone who may be interested know that these bearings are a really nice quality replacement item if they're looking to replace the front hubs.

My 03 Explo had a grinding type noise coming when going around a right hand bend. The front wheels seemed to be "restricted" at times and not turning smoothly going down the road. The truck has 66k miles.

I changed out both front hubs and man I can't believe how much smoother, quieter, and better things are.

Don't hesitate to buy the Moog's to do a change-out!

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Um no.

SKF or Motorcraft only.



Um no.

SKF or Motorcraft only.



Um no.
The Moog's are excellent.
Why would you want to put another Ford part, that failed and is known for failure, back on? Most, not all, after market parts exceed the OEM, as in this case. Just have to get quality name parts, not the junk from AZ or the like.


Moog is junk from AZ etc...

SKF is not, AZ etc does not sell SKF.

Have fun replacing them again within the next 12-24 months if you're lucky, most around here that use anything other than SKF or Motorcraft wind up barely making it a year on them.

Motorcraft bearings made in 2015, 2016+ etc are NOT manufactured using the same bad metal etc they were using in 2002-2005 etc...

You get what you pay for and the SKF and Motorcraft are both more expensive than the Moog crap.

SKF: $150.79

Moog parts are made all over the world and it's a craps shoot of where the part you order will have been made. You can even wind up with two of the same part number made in two different countries and thus the parts can have minor differences.

Both my front hub bearings were replaced by Ford with Motorcraft in October 2011 at 124,880 miles, we're now in 2016 with 182,687 miles so after 5 years and 57,807 miles they are still like new.

October 2013 at 157,384 my left rear wheel bearing was replaced by a local shop with who knows what brand (probably whatever was cheapest at the local NAPA). I believe my right rear is still factory original. Currently my left rear is making a slight hum around right curves...

MOOG- 36 month warranty
SKF- 36 month/45,000 mile warranty
Motorcraft- 24 month/unlimited mile warranty

Motorcraft- they know the average person only puts 10-15,000 miles a/yr on a vehicle. So, you get 30,000 miles at best or 2 years, and then the same crap will happen and a replacement will be done.
SKF- limits you to 45,000 miles. Again, 15,000 miles a year, then what?
MOOG- for those that may exceed the 15,000 miles a year and the 3 years on top of it.

I'm running the MOOG and have zero complaints. Very smooth and quiet. If they need replaced before trading it in and last longer than the 2 years Motorcraft gives you (using your 12-24 month estimate for MOOG), and surpasses 45,000 miles, I got my money's worth.

There are very few Motorcraft parts I will use. Their parts fail prematurely because they use inferior materials to save them money. This is the perfect example...changing bearing hubs at 60,000 miles.

Most units ride good when first installed. If one is only keeping a vehicle for a year or so, Moog may be fine. But Moog is not a quality line, they are a value line with a known name. They are in fact a mixed line when it comes to chassis, meaning some stuff is good and other value.

I don't know if the Motorcraft bearings are an improved design from original. I do know that SKF only makes improved designs, or buys from OE where they don't. With SKF you will either get a better unit, or the actual OE.

Moog and others produce what's known as "form, fit and function" units. This does not mean quality. Testing has shown the SKF units to outlast Moog units up to 5 times over.

SKF - constant level of quality, made in house (most times.)
Moog - bought off shore from different vendors at different times.