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Moog Front Hub Bearings


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January 4, 2013
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Jonestown, Pa.
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2003 Explorer XLT
Just a quick question for anyone who may know. I bought two of the Moog 515050 hub bearing kits to change on my 2003 XLT. The kit comes with five bolts. Three will replace the bolts holding the bearing on but what are the other two for? Are these brake caliper replacement bolts?

Can you post a picture of the bolts? Are they all the same size?

My SKF wheel bearing hubs came with 5 bolts. 3 for the hub and 2 for the caliper bracket.

I forget the brand, but the ones I bought at O'Reillys recently came with 5 bolts -- I thought they were all the same at first glance, then noticed I couldn't get one of the bolts to start screwing in. Then I saw the head size was different, 3 of one size, two of the other. The two were for the brake caliper, the 3 for the bearing assembly