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More Hella 500 Wiring questions

I know this topic has been posted a few times before, but I have a few questions I need clearified. First, for grounding the Hella 500 lights, can I ground them to my Westin Safari Bar or should I ground them to the frame or battery? Secondly, the green wire that runs from the switch is supposed to go to the headlights or running lights. If I decide to run the wire to the battery, should I put a fuse on the wire? But if I do decide to tap into the headlights, where to I find the wire to tap into? Lastly, I have a question about the switch. Does the switch need to be grounded to light up? If I don't ground the switch the switch, it won't light up, but the Hella lights will still work, correct. I appreicate any help anyone can give. This site is an excellant resource for information. Thanks

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Yes, Ground the lights to the battery.
Yes, a 3 to 5 amp fuse is a good idea for the switch.
I would run it from a switched wire so the lights go off with the X.
Look at the connector to the headlight bulb and hook to one of those wires. Use an elect. tester to determin which is the wire you want. Either high or low beam.
I think your right about the switch. However if the lights dont work, ground the switch

Thanks for your help Bill. I actually took the green wire from the switch and spliced it into the cigarette lighter so I'll be able to turn the lights on anytime. I have one more quick question. The wires that came with the Hella lights had connecters to connect them to the switch, but they don't fit on the switch. Has anyone else had this problem? Thanks, Eric

I just finished hooking everything up. Everything is great except for one problem. I spliced into the extra aux. socket near the passenger side of the dash so the Hella lights could light up anytime, but the fuse for the aux. socket keeps blowing. Any idea why this is happening? Isn't the green wire just to let the switch know when the lights can be turned on? I don't understand why the fuse for the aux. socket keeps blowing. Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Eric

What does the directions/schematics say about the green wire?

Sometimes, the extra wire is suppose to be attached to a power source. I like to attach the switch light to the wire running from the relay to the lights, that way you know there is power going to the lights.

Double check the wiring schematic for the switch that you are using, the switch should only be used for low amp switching of the relay that controls the power to the lights from the battery.

Let us know what is happening.

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The green wire is to energize the relay, so the power can go to the lights. The only power that would be used by the green wire would be to illuminate the switch and make the relay change(very minimal), but those 2 combined is probably what is popping the fuse. I had the same issue, I wanted to use the lights seperate. I made a jumper from one pin on the relay to the other. Where power was suppose to come from the high beams, I put a jumper from the wire that was coming from the battery. Very simple, and no power problems. Just ground the switch and you are ready.
Also, I grounded my lights to the frame. Right behind the bumper, there are the 4 bolts that hold the bumper to the frame, that is what I used.

Thanks for the help. I actually just ran the green wire to the battery and also I did ground the lights to the frame. Thanks for your help

If you are useing the switch that came with your lights(lighted green rocker), don't forget to ground it to a good source also...One of mine was marked wrong, had to reverse the + and - .
And NO, the lights will not work, unless the switch is wired properly.
If you bend the tabs on the switch slightly, the connectors will work.
Good Luck, and hollar if you have any questions..I have 3 sets of the 500's on mine, and love them.