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More pics of the Shela


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January 9, 2013
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Boston, Massachusetts
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06 Explorer XLT
hey guys heres more pics of Shela. soon i will be installing my FF visor and dash lights as soon as i get those installed ill post pictures!!

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I love it! cant wait to see more pics!

What else do you wanna see

How bout a video of some off roading? There's really non on you tube of any 06-10 explorers doing anything. Mostly stock ones getting flamed on.

alright! ill do my best to try one weekend right now i'm at college and plus theres not like any where to go off roading near me in MA but ill try to find and do something if you also want one weekend i can do a flip of a walk around? if you wanted me to and then ill do my best to find somewhere to off road

A video driving on road would be cool too. I'd like to hear how those mid terrains sing on asphalt. ;)