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More problems from sitting...


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August 9, 2012
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Central Va.
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98 Explorer EB 4.0 SOHC
Finally got my Explorer running pretty good, Need to get the a/c lines flushed, System vacuumed and charged up this week. But after finally getting a belt on it and running. Im starting to find more problems.

First issue is the tach. Key off, the tach sits about 500 rpms. As soon as it starts, It shoots to about 4500 and stays there. The motor idling fine, Revs are clean, Tach is just sitting there. Hard revs it will move 100 rpms and set right back at 4500...


Next issue is the volt gauge. It was sitting a little on the low side. This last start up its just a hair below half way. The center console comp says charging is fine. Just didnt know where the guage usually stays in these


The fuel gauge was asking wierd, Along with the "Miles to Empty" But now they seem to be about right. I now have an ABS light that I did not have before. Where should I start looking for that problem. For those who didnt read my other post. This thing was parked for 5 years because a shop told him the motor was locked up. It was a locked ac compressor. I had to put a fuel pump and spend hours cleaning the tank. Got the a/c system almost done and this is where Im at now. Havent driven on the road yet so Im sure that will show more issues...


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Take the gauge cluster out and it comes apart pretty easy. I would look and see how every thing is lined up behind the gauge. You might see something, I don't know. Secondly, there should be three connectors plugging into you gauge cluster, clean the pins and the females on the connector plugs. A q-tip might work, but be gentle. That is where I would start. If that doesn't fix it, start looking at the connections on the other end. It is most likely corroded connections.

Volt gauge looks normal.

^^^what he said. you can always grab another cluster and try it in there. make sure its from a 97 and up however.

i agree the volt gauge looks normal to me. have you checked the voltage at the battery? with engine running should be 13.6-14+ volts. your weird symptoms remind me of a ground problem.

I'll put a meter on it tonight. Been really busy. Im sure it just took a few secs to start charging right with all the crap in the alt after sitting 5+ years. I'll pull the cluster out and check connections. I gotta put a dimmer switch in it anyway. If all else fails I can get a cluster. Money is just non-existent right now :)

Where do these get the tach signal from? Is it from the pcm? I will print off the directwire printout tonight to check colors

Your ABS light is more than likely caused by a bad rear ABS sensor. It is located on the top of the rear differential.

According to the meter, Alternator is charging where it should be. I flushed, vacuumed and recharged the a/c system tonight, So its almost ready to attempt a road test. Fuel gauge and center console computer acting up again. Showing 1/4 tank and 193 miles to empty... I only put 2 gallons in there when I did the fuel pump, And hasnt made a trip to the gas station...

^On a side note, Where are you located. I live out in Goochland County and work over near Virginia Center Commons and 2nd Job in Ashland

Ok... So I have a charging issue. Last night I was doing a coolant flush on it. I noticed the volt meter is only sitting about 1/4 way up the gauge while running with lights and radio on. Revs did not change this. Of course I didnt have my meter to see what was going on. I continued to finish the flush and went to move it and the battery was low, Wouldnt start... Had to throw my charger on it. I'll bring my meter home from work tonight to get some accurate numbers. Think the alternator has crapped out from sitting too?

didn't you say you worked part-time at AutoZone? pull the alternator and take it in and test it in their machine. also test your battery while your at it.

didn't you say you worked part-time at AutoZone? pull the alternator and take it in and test it in their machine. also test your battery while your at it.

Yeah but between both jobs I dont even have time to work on this thing.

Results from today= Cluster issues again... This thing is charging fine. 14.1-14.3 while running, Also left the meter on it for the night and watched it. No drop. So things seem ok. The battery in there is a good one, It was tested like 4 weeks ago.

So now I need to change oil and get some more fuel in this thing and take a road test to find more problems...

And fix this damn cluster lol