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More ranger and x parts

Well, im done with teardown and have lots of more stuff to get rid of..
off a 99 ranger 4x4
factory fuel tank skid plate
factory fuel tank
factory transfer case skid plate
i also have the superlift 4" (add-on to kit) front extended driveshaft, almost a must for a SAS dana 30 swap, bolts straight to it
i think thats it for now...
still have the bedcage,sliders, and rear bumper

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Do you know if those skid plates would bolt up to a 2000 mounty?

Do you have the part number on the fuel tank skid plate? One of them will work for my truck, but not the others. Thanks.

i would like 100 for the extended front shaft..
no part numbers left on the skid..
its was on a 99' ranger with offroad package,
sorry it took so long, ive been very busy

lol, no, the only usable part was the driveshaft... i beat the living crap out of my rig so alot of the lift brackets and stuff were bent when i removed them from having the truck on a motorcross track... the only other thing i kept from the IFS was the front differential that i built a dune buggy out of

could use the sliders, but i think you had an ex-cab truck. pics and prices to 65802

how much for the skid plates shipped to 48912 ?? can paypal. also how much for sliders? any pics?

Got pics of everything you are selling my friend? I may be interested in some stuff

this thread is old... its all good.. i dont have anything in this post left over..
i ended up using the skid plates on a customer rig.. front shaft got scrapped, and the rest of it either scrapped or trashed..
the only thing left to sell is i have a complete set of 79' f150 axles, HP44 and 9 inch, still has the RA and brackets and a full brake rebuild kit for the 9 inch including new drums...
didnt need the 44/9 when i went with 1 tons, dana 60/ sterling 10.5