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More transmission problems


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December 27, 2009
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Vermillion, SD
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91 eddie bauer 4wd

For a while there, when my dad was driving, if he started out in OD, it would slip. Starting out in D was just fine though. Then while driving down the highway, if you shifted the selector to OD, the truck would shift into overdrive normally. When driving at lower speeds, one would have to shift back into D, otherwise the transmission would start slipping again.

Today, when my dad was driving home, he heard a clunk and the truck coasted down to a stop. Will not go in any gear now. Fluid is fine.

Tranny toast or am I looking at a different problem?

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I would pull the pan and see what ended up in there,I suspect a major part breakage.So yes,it's probably toast.I had to look where Vermillion was,you are 238 miles from me.:D

Went over to help my dad tow it home, had a quick look at it before I had to get to my meetings today. Overfull on fluid according to the dipstick. Clean fluid. When you try and shift into gear, you don't hear the engine load up or change RPMs, nor is there any sound from the transmission as if it is trying to engage anything. Park holds it fine, any other gear is just like neutral.

Tomorrow I'll drop the pan and start having a look inside. If I don't see anything, I guess I'll drop the transmission and get ready for a rebuild.

Where are you from safn? Out west?

lol other direction. I have a couple acquaintances out that way, and I think my ex wife has an uncle near there.

silly of me to assume you were from SD with my question..... lol. I guess if you were from SD you would have known Vermillion since this is where USD is at.

I'm from upstate NY but moved to MN to take a truck driving job 3 years ago.Did you get the pan off yet?:D

No I came down with a sinus infection and mono at the same time..... Epic FAIL. I haven't worked on anything this week. I was going to do front wheel bearings/seals on mine too, but yeah, I haven't been able to do anything this week.