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More V-8 swap questions


April 20, 2004
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Cincinnati, OH
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1996 XLT
Hey guys, a few more questions. One, I just bought all new Moog 2wd front end parts (balljoints, entire upper arms, tie rod ends, etc.) for my 2wd, can I use them if I go 4wd? Also, is the V-8 swap basically plug and play, or do I have to splice harnesses, swap out radiator, coolant overflow tank/windshield washer tank, brake booster, etc.? If the donor vehicle is 4wd, can I use it in my 2wd without the transfer case, front differential, etc.? Is there a way to have dual pipes on an explorer without hacking up the floorpan or moving the gas tank? Finally, I think I am right that 5.0 explorers used roller cams, can I use a flat tappet cam in it? Does any aftermarket cam manufacturer make roller cams for the explorer 5.0? Is the E303 best for low-end torque? (for towing.) How do I know if a camshaft listed for 5.0/302s uses the 1-3-7 firing order?



Yes the 2WD parts are all the same as the 4WD.

You'll need to swap out the radiator (it would be ideal, anyway). Get a custom cam, or leave the stock Explorer one in, if you want the most low end TQ. An e-cam would work... but not ideal for an Explorer.

A lot of people have dual exhaust and theres a lot of threads about it. Did you try searching?

Like Section said, don't go with the E cam. There are lots of cams out there that would suite you better. Get a custom one made for your specs/stall speed or call or email a company that you want a cam from and talk to an expert about which would be better for you.