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Motor and Transmission swap


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August 1, 2010
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cincinnati, oh
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'02 XLT
I have a 2002 explorer 4dr 2wd that need a new motor and transmission. I am trying to avoid a large car pament and want to try to drop something else in it. I want to put anything in it that was not the origional set up. I am hoping for something that will just drop in with very little modifications. All I am looking for is clearance. I can put in a new ecu it and have the driveshaft changed. Any ideas????

The only thing you can just "drop in" is the same stuff that is in there now. Good luck.

5.4L if you are feel adventurous. It has been done on here once or twice before, so you can search up some old threads on it.

Just put the factory motor and trans in. No use in trying to drop a Cobra or 2JZ. haha