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Motor is in! Runs!....can't get over 50?

I need more work on understanding my scanner. I am using my laptop. I just did a test drive and my stftrim was reading -18.2%. After idling a while I read -6.2%

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Problem solved!

OK all you problem solving wannabeez! Here is the end of my Ex motor adventure.

I R not a computer genius. If I was I would post this as a problem solved separate post, but I also want to let anyone who helped me know the resolution. I REALLY like it when I read a post problem if it has a final ending. This is mine.

I am not too bad an idiot. It took a pro Ford guy and a private shop to find my little adventure. It turns out that my #1 side fuel rail was plugged bad. I had to get a new one. It was not gonna deliver the goods to the bank. It took the man with the machine a couple of hours to arrive at this conclusion. Two mechs looked at it. One was convinced that a guy who looked as goofy as me could not possibly remove the engine, time it, and replace the damn thing without screwing something up. So it could not be the fuel rail--The mech who is a 20 yr Ford guy said it must be no fuel to some cylinders or this guy has found a tricky way to screw up the timing job.

Most advice on the board here was good. It was a fuel problem. I did test the pressure at over 62 psi constant. But I had no way to check the individual rails or injectors. The shop owner thought the Ford tech was nuts. And wrong. The tech said, "replace this rail and I'll have it running in a few minutes." So I told him to hit it. He did. That guy can pop stuff in faster than I can put a socket on an extension.

So, it was a cheap fix. One rail and a couple hours of work for the shop. I am happy that everything else I did is good. It starts before a guy can turn loose of the key. Idles smooth. Dead quiet, no vibrations. No startup noises. I am really happy.

The only bad news is that perhaps this confirms I am a mechanical idiot. I will learn to live with it. While I am fishing.

Thanks again to all who answered this post. This board made the engine removal and reinstall much easier. And more importantly, I didn't burn a lot of money on parts or tools I didn't need.

I don't know about the rest of us here but a clogged fuel rail would have had me in the same adventure as you. I have never heard of that one.

That is definitely a rare thing. Would never have gotten to that point unless I started pulling injectors. Glad you got it fixed!

My only regret is

I didn't take the rail and slice it into pieces and see exactly what was going on inside. I didn't have to worry about the reputation of the shop or its employee either. When you live somewhere for a decade or five you know the reputations of people. Ergo, I didn't have to check on what they were doing or do the "were those parts really necessary, let me see 'em" thing.

My next door neighbor--only 2 mi. away--makes his living in high performance motorcycles, waterski things, and has a dyno for bikes and cars. He has been listening to me do this job, knowing I want to do it myself. Therefore he offered to help, but I declined. A week or so ago I told him that I was about to take all the injectors, get 'em all done, cleaned and spray tested. He then told me that I was not to drive the Ex. home. He told me to go to this shop, tell 'em C. R. sent me and stop messing around. CR told me that I was overthinking it. CR said, "This problem is as plain as the nose on your face. Do not spend this money. You go here, ask 'em to help, and leave. I did. They did it.
In the future, I must find out what about the rail was such that a frugal country mechanic would not want to fix it 'cuz it is cheaper to replace? And why didn't I see it? Or better yet, did I crunch the thing while lifting? Or, since I never really ran the EX, was it always bad? Inquiring mind, when I had one, would want to know.