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Motorcraft TPMS red color.


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November 24, 2019
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Rockaway Beach NY
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2010 Expr Ltd; 2016 XLT
I ordered a new TPMS for my 2010 Part # 6F2Z-1A189-A (TPMS-3).

The one I received in a properly marked Motorcraft bag was RED. They have always been BLUE in the past.

Anyone ever install a red one? Ford has been no help in addressing my concern.

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Don't know, did you get them from a trustworthy source?

I did notice that the Denso sensors I put on my '14, same part # comes in (or switched from) red to black.

Is there a decipherable date code stamped on them? As long as they work, my main concern would be that they aren't several years old stock with a half drained battery.

Got them through a supposed Ford dealer on Amazon. They are dated nine months old. Back in 2007, the Ford manuals said to replace sensors with ones of the same color, but these have the proper part number and frequency. Would be a beast to break down a tire to install this thing only to find out it doesn't work.

Can't you see if they sync to the vehicle before installing?

Can't you see if they sync to the vehicle before installing?
I guess I can, now that you mention it. But what if it syncs and then does odd things when it begins transmitting after I hump the tire back on the rim and the rim back on the truck? There can certainly be many variables with these things, like rate of change, alarm parameters, etc.

What kind of odd things? If it syncs and shows no pressure, seems like it is working fine, right?

Up to you, return for refund or use. I don't yet see any reason not to use it if it syncs.

You might ask in some other Ford truck/car forum if they have seen the same color change issue (same sensor is very likely one that was used on multiple Fords of the era), or wait for more replies here...

Just to follow up on this...

Purchased two at a Ford dealer and they too are red. I suppose that's the new color.

Installed the new red one and it works fine...