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Mountaineer side clear lenses? Keyless Entry Code? Seatbelt Chime?


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October 30, 2008
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On the 2006 Mercury Mountaineer, there are 2 orange lights on each side of the front vehicle. These are not just reflectors, as they light up. I'm not referring to the side marker turn signals, but the lights on the lower front side of the vehicle.

My first question is...does anyone know of any company selling clear lenses for this application?

Second question... I am in need of the Keyless Entry code. I've read a few posts, but was unable to find 1 clear answer on the location of the code. Could someone shed some light on how to obtain this code.

Third question... does anyone have the instructions on how to disable the seatbelt chime on an '06 Mountaineer.

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1. Not sure about the clear lenses.

2. I've heard that it's printed on a module under the dash which is a PITA to get to. Any Ford dealer can retrieve the code for you though, possibly for a small fee.

3. The instructions for the procedure are in your owners manual. If you do not have a manual, you can download a PDF version for free on the Motorcraft website. You have to do the procedure for both front seats separately if you want them both shut off.

I'm sure you have rectified your problem locating the entry code by now..but if not, and it is not with your owner's manual( separate card), you can get hold of the original selling dealer they will have noted on the original invoice, their service dept should be able to retrieve it for you
good luck

The side turn indicator markers on my 2008 Mountaineer are clear, as are the tailights. I bet they're all interchangable with your 2006.


5 digit code is on the driversside of the fusebox near the center but youll need a ipod or camera phone and a flashlight to get a shot. tight fit!