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September 21, 2004
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Westford, Vermont
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2006 Grand Vitara
Received my muffler well packaged and in great shape. Quite a deal if ask me. I would definitely do business with mountaineergreen again. :thumbsup:
Thanks! MSM :D

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Evan made me a great deal on a used front drive shaft & was also great at PM's on status of shipping.

Drive shaft was shipped two days after receiving payment.

Thank You again Evan.

Mountaineergreen :thumbsup:

Mountaineergreen is a great seller we haggled on a price on a pair of shocks. That wason Dec. 1st or 2nd, the shocks were at my house yesterday Dec. 7th!

thanks Evan

I second all the opinions on Evan. He sold me his t-case for a V8 AWD. Exactly as described, he shipped it out fast, and he even went so far as getting the guy he gave the mounting hardware to to ship the hardware to me.

Great knowledegeable guy, I wouldn't hesitate to buy from him again. :thumbsup:

I be the one who shipped the bolts.:)
I'm glad you got them o.k.

If you ever wanna deal with a good person who will go out of thier way to make sure you get what you ask for than he is the man. I posted up a question on some steering issues ive been having. He offered up a solution and even went to his local junkyard and pulled the steering shaft for me and didnt charge me more than he paid. then we had problems with dhl and he called and cleared it up and i got everything just like i was supposed to. Great person to deal with and i would recommend dealing with him to anyone.

Evan helped me out too!

Shipped a driveshaft extremely cheap and lightning quick. :thumbsup:

Evan helped me out by taking a pair of speakers off of my hands and made immediate payment via PayPal. Very smoooooth transaction; very good to deal with.

:thumbsup: Thanks :thumbsup:

I sent Evan some money. He sent me the goods. Awesome.

:thumbsup:Evan, aka mountaineergreen, is a great guy. He drove all the way to kansas from arkansas, using his hard earned vacation time, just to help me install my lift kit. I was really looking forward to put it on, and all thanks to him I finally have something I really feel proud of.

Not to mention when he was on his breaks, he was still offering me some tips and advice when I didnt know what I was doing. Not to mention when I had it aligned and balanced he drove another 25 mile round trip in his truck and using his gas just to help me pick it up. He really is a true friend and an awesome mentor. Not to mention we had a few knuckle busters, it was hot, a few curse words here and there, and a nasty incident with the brake calipers falling from the upper control arm and he stayed cool with it all. (tip- dont use wire to tie down the calipers anymore. Zip ties are way more reliable, we found out the hard way.)

Theres not alot of people like him around anymore, all I know is that I owe him alot and Im willing to return the favor. Im kinda looking forward to my first long road trip with the lift kit on, so if he ever needs help with something then Im willing to pack my bag and drive all the way to arkansas just like what hes done.

He truly is part of the family. Thanks again Evan!:thumbsup: