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Mountaineergreen's 2001 Mountaineer MX4 February 2009 Feature Truck

For February 2009 I am selecting Evan's awesome Mountaineer. He is currently not able to access the internet because of the bad ice storm that just hit about a week ago.

Evans Mountaineer is getting this monthly award not only for his work and craftsmanship but because he has several helpful "How To" threads.

Some of his "How To" threads are:
Lower Ball Joint Replacement
Upper Control Arm / Ball Joint Replacement
Inner Tie Rod Removal and Replacement
How To: Leaf Spring Removal / Installation / Swap

He also has a build work log. PS check out the superlift:
Mountainnergreen's Mounty Buildup Worklog

He has does some great work on his truck and on this forum.

Here's to you Evan! :wavey:

Mountaineergreen's 2001 Mercury Mountaineer 5.0 MX4

Engine Mods:

  • Torque Monster Headers
  • 1" Trick Flow Phenolic Spacer
  • AirMax Cold Air Intake
  • Custom Catback Magnaflow Exhaust
  • Custom Tuned by James Henson

Drivetrain Mods:

  • AWD to BW4406 for true 4x4
  • 4.10 Gears
  • Aussie Locker in the 8.8
  • 285/75 R16 Cooper Discoverer STT's
  • Transmission Temperature Gage
  • Disconnectable Front Differential

Offroad Mods:

  • 4" Superlift front and rear
  • Sliders (powder coated by jtsmith!)
  • Skid Plates
  • Front Receiver Hitch
  • Rear Swaybar Disconnects

Interior Mods:

  • Stealth Sub and Amp
  • Pioneer Head Unit
  • XM
  • CB Radio
  • 120v Power Inverter

As it sat when I first looked at it:


The famous first step: TT and Shackles


Since Then:












New pictures for Spring 2008




Please direct any questions to his Mounty Buildup Worklog.


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...Congrats MG...:chug:

...Even though we all know he is currently without power due to the recent storms in his area, I hope someone will pass the good news on to him...:D

Congrats Mountaineergreen. I've always admired your Mounty. It's got all the right mods.
Congratulations! Maybe he could tell us more about this when he sees this thread:
Ford & other manufacturers should make this OEM instead of all of the other stuff like multiple cup holders.
BrooklynBay, since it's going to be a little while until he is able to reply I just thought that I would let you know that he has a write up on how he did that here.

Very nice Evan, congratulations.

Congrats Evan

Its a awesome Mounty. I spent quite a bit of time just reading about it before this.

I got to get with john and get you some lic. plate frames out.

Very cool. Congrats!

looks good evan