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Mounting a Winch? and Susp. Lifts?


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October 17, 2003
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Chana IL
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92 sport 4x4
What is the simplest and/or cheapest way to mount a winch?
How much is it gonna cost me to do a 2-3 in. susp. lift? I've heard of using
f-150 coil spring seats for the front but what about the back?
Does anybody have any pics of a 1st gen. 4 door ex with nothin but a 2-3 in susp. lift?


for the back u can do shackles and AAL to get ur 2" out back, cheapest way to mount a winch, is to buy a front mount hitch reciever, some do not recommend this, but others i have heard use it and works just fine, good thing about it is u can take it off and on for when u are going wheeling, doesn't have to stay on for around town.

then look at the winch mount plate, thats the cheapest, just letting u know something thats out there, without taking apart ur bumper to fab up something or buying a whole new bumper for that matter. good luck