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Mounting a Yakima Basket without crossbars. Post pictures of your Trac w/ basket.


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March 6, 2010
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2003 Explorer Sport Trac
I used to have a Yakima MegaWarrior mounted on my ST with my spare tire, offroad lights, shovel, etc... attached to it.

I had it mounted to the crossbars that I bought from ebay (I mounted l.e.d. marker lights to them). The only thing I didn't like about the setup was that it sat up so high above the roof. I talked with other members from here and the about how they mounted their's , some of them used the upper Yakima mounting brackets and bolted them directly to the ST's factory roof racks for a low profile look (I like this look but never got around to doing this since I had lights on my crossbars and sold the basket).

Over the years I've had many members ask how to mount a rooftop basket, most recently was Govna47. I told him I'd post pictures of how I had mine setup and the low profile way.

So for those of you that have or are thinking of getting a basket this should help. This is with the Yakima MegaWarrior...

Low Profile setup


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I thought about it and if you didn't have the Yakima brackets you could mount the basket even lower by using u-bolts and mounting it directly against the racks.

I think I like the lower profile look myself as well. Thanks for taking the time out of your day to make this thread, rebel! :thumbsup:

Yea rebel I think I'm going to do that

awesome i was trying to do this on my sport, to flip the brackets on the bars or something and it just sat too low and would rub on the roof. The whole thing, then with my snowboard racks on it sat way too high for my liking. I love this idea - i have the same basket set up and everything, will have to do this whenever i get my truck back from the shop! thanks for posting.
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No problem, glad to here you're getting the Explorer fixed.

nice now i know my plan of attack on this

Very Nice ! , I would like to get a Basket Built for mine , Prefer the Built not Bought theme , But that does look much better being lower to the roof , probably a little better for wind resistance as well lol .

Rebel, who has that camo seated one? and do you have more pictures of it?

It was on ebay awhile back but yes I did save pictures of it. I can email pictures to you if you pm me your addy.

Finally did mine up. Just have to chop down my bolts a bit




i recently went with a set of thule aeroblades and they are hands down the most quiet cross bars ive used. if anyone is looking for cross bars, i cant recommend a better pair. they are also as low profile as you can get if you plan on using bars. ill post some pics first thing tomorrow of my set up.

Looks great Govna47, I'd leave the bolts that long, makes it harder for thieves to remove it.